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Actor Benjamin Bratt has a new movie coming out today and fans are excited to see him back on the big screen. As he’s back on the rise, so is interest in his personal life and fans are and asking about Benjamin Bratt’s wife. If you’re interested to know more about Bratt’s wife and his new movie, then you need our Talisa Soto wiki. 

Who is Talisa Soto?

Talisa Soto’s age is 50 and she was born Miriam Talisa Soto on March 27, 1967, in Brooklyn, New York. The actress and model was raised the youngest of four children and is of Puerto Rican descent.

“I grew up in Northampton, Mass., where everyone was the all-American girl. I’ve battled the blond, blue-eyed look all my life….But it’s all about ‘being happy with who you are. I know the external beauty doesn’t last that long,” Soto told People.

Talisa Soto’s Net worth

Soto’s net worth is unknown but she’s best known for playing the role of Princess Kitana, the Emperor’s adoptive daughter in Mortal Kombat and Mortal Kombat: Annihilation. She was a skilled martial artist in the game-turned movie and though many may not know her by name, they would definitely recognize her from the ’90s film franchise. She also played a Bond girl (Lupe Lamora) in the 1989 James Bond film, License to Kill.

It’s no surprise that this brunette beauty started out as a model. She was pretty good at it, too, appearing in famous magazines like Elle, Mademoiselle, and Glamour! She’s been feature in major ad campaigns for even bigger names in the fashion industry like Calvin Klein, Salvatore Ferragamo, Saks Fifth Avenue, and Versace to name a few.

She was Married

Before she exchanged vows with Bratt, Soto was married to Saw actor Costas Mandylor from 1997-2000, but they divorced. Soto and Bratt met in 2001’s Pinero, in which they were cast as lovers but started out as friends in reality. They eventually fell in love and got married on April 13, 2002, in a small wedding with a view of the Pacific Ocean in San Francisco, Bratt’s hometown. Talisa Soto and Benjamin Bratt’s kids are Sophia Rosalinda (b. 2002) and Mateo Bravery (b. 2005). Sophia also suffered a brain injury during her birth, which resulted in physical disabilities, according to People.

Bratt on Coco and Donald Trump

Bratt’s latest film is a Pixar children’s movie centered on Latin culture and a boy who pursues music after being forbidden from it. Bratt also isn’t a fan of President Donald Trump and hopes the film shares the message of equality and the beauty of Latin culture.

“The movie not only celebrates who we are as a Latino people, but it serves to re-introduce us, in a different way, to the rest of the world,” said Bratt, 53, who voices the character of a deceased famous singer. “It shows our uniqueness but also demonstrates the fact we all are, more or less, the same, at the end of the day — no matter what our culture or nationality may be.”

He added: “That celebration is cause for celebration because sitting in the White House is a man who’s no friend of Latinos and one who has denigrated our culture, loosely labeled us as rapists and murderers, and that couldn’t be more far from the truth,” Bratt, told People at the Los Angeles premiere Wednesday night.

“Without focusing on that, and focusing on the matter at hand, Coco celebrates our uniqueness, celebrates the fact that we’re a community of love and family ties, artistic expression, beautiful language, and wonderful traditions.”

Coco is in theaters everywhere on November 21.