Swagtron T1 Self-Balancing Scooter: Review, Price, Specifications & Features

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Hoverboards have conceptualised the idea of motion. While self-balancing scooters were initially dismissed due to manufacturing defects, they have long since been corrected and are trending in the market once again.

Are you looking for a safe, sturdy, and superior quality hoverboard? You’ve come to the right place, because the Swagtron T1 hoverboard is just what you’ve been searching for! With its rechargeable batteries, portability, and competitive pricing, the Swagtron T1 hoverboard has taken the tech world by storm and ranks among the best hoverboards of 2017. Whether you love or hate hoverboards, you definitely can’t ignore these fun and fresh new gadgets that have appealed to everyone from children to adults. Disgruntled pedestrians who are being forced to move out of the way, can now hop on a hoverboard of their own to take them to work or school!

After their debut on the Chinese market in 2014, these personal transporters became immensely popular around the world. More recently, the U.S. have jumped on the bandwagon, making walking look passé. These self-balancing scooters had the seal of approval from the numerous celebrities who endorsed them. Initially invented and patented by Chinese-American entrepreneur, Shane Chen, cheap knock-off hoverboards were soon manufactured by the millions. Subsequently, reports of combustible explosions and freak accidents destroyed the reputation of hoverboards, resulting in them being banned from pavements, sidewalks, and even airplanes. Thankfully, faulty hoverboards catching fire are a thing of the past, because today they are being produced under strict UL 2272 regulations. One of the best hoverboards of 2017 is the Swagtron T1 self-balancing scooter. Check out the Swagtron T1 self-balancing scooter’s reviews on Amazon below.


Best Hoverboard 2017: The Swagtron T1 Self- Balancing Scooter

For parents who are tired of trying to tear their children away from their smartphones and get them outside, the Swagtron T1 will make the perfect present this spring! With the large variety of hoverboards flooding the market, choosing the right model for yourself can be a challenge. Simply take a look at the Swagtron T1 hoverboard and rest assured, the self-balancing scooter will speak for itself. The best and biggest hoverboard players in the market today are Swagtron, EPIKGO, and Razor. Once you compare the three manufacturers, it is clear that the Swagtron T1 self-balancing scooter has unmatched specifications and features.


Riders can comfortably cruise along without a care in the world, thanks to the Swagtron T1’s solid rubber bumpers, specifically built for all-terrain purposes. New features also include an upgraded 250 Watt motor, as well as gear stabilization for better control and downhill traction. Now you can zoom through tough road conditions and slopes as steep as 30 degrees without a second thought!


Sail away on your self-balancing scooter as the Swagtron T1 boasts a top speed of 8 mph with an 11-mile radius, and can easily carry weight up to 220 lbs. Parents should not worry because the UL 2272 certified model has aced all the electrical safety tests. This means your children can safely ride to their heart’s content! It takes an hour for the hoverboard to reach a full charge and the motorized scooter’s new and updated features include battery indicators, LED headlights, as well as two riding modes: learning and standard.


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According to the Swagtron T1 self-balancing scooter’s great Amazon reviews, worries about your hoverboard catching fire can be left behind! Bid adieu to potential fire hazards and zoom away to glory with the Swagtron T1, which comes with a patented SentryShield smart battery management system for multi-layered hoverboard protection—making it the safest hoverboard on the market.

Name Max Speed Specification Cost Rating
Swagtron 8 mph UL 2272 Certified $349.99 4.0/ 5 Stars
amazon swagtron hoverboard 2017

Photo: Amazon.com/Swagtron


The Swagtron T1 hoverboards come in six colors: black, yellow, white, blue, red, and pink. Take advantage of Amazon’s free shipping with the purchase of the Swagtron T1 self-balancing scooter which costs only $349.99. Stock is limited, so make sure to buy yours soon!

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