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Now that Sebastian Kurz is Europe’s youngest leader, everyone wants to know about Sebastian Kurz’s girlfriend. With his latest position, Sebastian Kurz and Susanne Thier are going to be in the spotlight more than ever before. If you want to know more, then you came to the right place.

Are Susanne Thier and Sebastian Kurz Married?

Susanne Their’s age is 30, and we know that she works at Austria’s finance ministry. She met Kurz when he was 18 and they are still dating, despite rumors of them tying the knot. They have talked about eventually getting married and having kids one day, according to German news website, Heute.

Susanne Thier’s Instagram

According to Heute, Kurz’s long-time girlfriend is shy and doesn’t really like the spotlight but can be seen having a good time with him at public events. For Susanne Thier’s pics, you can see them online but her Instagram page appears to be hidden.

Her Boyfriend is Conservative

Kurz, 31, is a far-right leader of the Austrian People’s Party, and he’s taking a hard stance against refugees who have entered the country form Syria and other places in the world. According to the Los Angeles Times, the young Austrian leader is expected to “form a coalition with a far-right populist party that was long ostracized for its extreme nationalism.”

“There’s been a clear shift to the right in Austria and that shows in the issues that dominated the campaign: migration, Islam, border security and xenophobia,” said Dieter Segert, a political science professor at the University of Vienna. “The People’s Party and the Freedom Party went all out to outdo each other in promising to cut benefits for refugees.”

He was born and raised in Vienna, where he still lives and has been a foreign minster since 2013, which made him Europe’s youngest leader at the age of 27. He studied law at the University of Vienna and finished Austria’s mandatory military service.

There were several protestors in Vienna when Kurz won the election and there are many that don’t agree with his far-right policies.

“The Freedom Party are clearly cleaning up their act to make it past the election but there are no guarantees which way they’ll go once in office,” said Jackson Janes, president of the American Institute for Contemporary German Studies at Johns Hopkins University. “The EU may hope it can deal with a Kurz-led government and hold him accountable for right-wing agitation in the Freedom Party.”

It may be too soon to tell how the country will take to a Kurz-led government, but if it’s anything like a Trump-led government, then it’s going to be met mostly with hostility and resistance. Thier’s political views aren’t made public, but it’s expected that her political allegiance is in line with that of her boyfriend’s policy points.