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Who’s ready for another round of White House musical chairs? After months of wondering, President Donald Trump has announced that he will nominate Mike Pompeo to replace Rex Tillerson as secretary of state! Many are now interested in learning more about Mike Pompeo’s wife, Susan.

There are no shortages of shakeups at the White House and once again, people are hearing about another exit. Even when Trump speaks highly of someone, they don’t stick around for very long. Could history repeat itself? If you want to learn more about the woman behind the man, then get up to speed with our Susan Pompeo wiki.

Who Is Susan Pompeo?

Like her husband, Susan Pompeo was born in Wichita, Kansas. As for kids, they share a son, 26-year-old Nick. He lives in New York, and like his parents, he enjoys basketball, particularly the Wichita State team. Susan also has two dogs: Holly, a beagle, and Patton, a golden retriever. For pics of Mike’s wife, they are scarce as she’s not one for social media, but she’s often seen by her husband side in pics that can be found online.


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A Beacon of Support for Her Husband

Mike has always had ties to politics and as a Republican, he ran for House of Representatives back in 2010. His wife has always been by his side and has even said how much she enjoyed campaigning—possibly more than her husband did!

“We decided we would do this together,” Susan told Wichita Magazine via Heavy. “We set out to do this like we would do any venture. I loved the campaigning part of it, much more than Mike did. We’ve laughed many times because there is no manual to tell you step-by-step how to do this, not even how to transition.”

Susan has also appeared in her husband’s campaign ads. She compared him to a pair of his old army boots, saying that he was “tough, durable and working step by step until the mission was done.” (Well, when you put it that way, it doesn’t sound so bad!)

Her Husband’s Secretary of State Nomination

The White House is becoming more known by many for its lack of job security and with the current secretary of state on his way out, it’s time for some fresh meat. According to CNN, Trump endorsed the CIA director and strongly believes they are on the same page.

“I have worked with Mike Pompeo for quite some time, tremendous energy, tremendous intellect,” Trump told reporters. “We are always on the same wavelength. The relationship has always been good and that is what I need as secretary of state.”


Over the years, Mike has grown close to the president and continues to send him classified briefings and updates, four times a week, in fact!  Mike also praised the president for his ability process the briefings and other intelligence handed to him.

Trump took to Twitter to make the unofficial announcement and wrote that the secretary of state nominee was the perfect replacement. With the way things are going, the length of his new potential position is unknown but we know that Susan will be right beside him every single step of the way!

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