Survivor: Ghost Island fans are on the edge of their seats wondering when Domenick and Chris’ feud will finally bubble over as the highly anticipated merge is finally happening tonight! Survivor: Ghost Island episode 8 is about to show you how both the Malolo and Naviti tribes must work together. But can they?

Domenick Abbate and Chris Noble may be competitors on Survivor: Ghost Island, but they’re not exactly civil about it! Will things smooth over between them before the big merge tonight?

The two contestants have been at each other’s throats since early on in the game, and tensions between them only seem to be rising. Now fans are looking for Survivor: Ghost Island spoilers to see whether the guys will work out their issues or if one of them gets the boot tonight!


What Is the Legacy Advantage?

For those who need a bit of a recap, the Legacy Advantage gives the user immunity. It can only be used when there are between six and 13 players left in the game.

The Legacy Advantage was a twist introduced in Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X. It has made its way back to Ghost Island, much like many of the old immunity idols we’ve seen again throughout this game.

If the castaway (Domenick in this case) gets sent home before they get a chance to use their Legacy Advantage, then that user must transfer it to another castaway. It’s similar to the Hidden Immunity Idol, and the one voted home states who will receive the new advantage note.

So, what will Domenick decide with his Legacy Advantage?

That’s what fans want to know.


According to Gold Derby polls, 49% of fans believe that Domenick won’t use his advantage.

Domenick vs. Chris

Tribemates Domenick and Chris have been fighting since the day they landed on the island, and things haven’t gotten better. Their personalities just seem to clash, as often is the case when you put two alphas together. (However, Chris’ ego seems to be getting on more than just Domenick’s nerves, so at least Dom has that working for him!)

In tonight’s episode, their feud will continue to boil as they merge tribes. This gives audiences the impression that they won’t be patching things up anytime soon.

“I believe Chris and I come off as very different people in this game but we are alike in so many ways,” Domenick told Entertainment Weekly about his feud. “The biggest commonality that Chris and I share is that neither one of us want to be “out-duped” by the other. We both have too much pride. Chris comes from a very competitive background with all of the sports he has played in his life.”


Domenick continued, “I think my competitive drive comes from an opposite angle where I have made this big transformation in my life and all I want to do now is see how much further I can take this thing in challenging myself. I could not figure him out. For some reason, he has the ability to throw me off my game.”

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Will Chris Finally Get the Boot?

As fans already know, Domenick found an immunity idol. However, he made a fake idol to fool Chris! (Clever devil!)

Domenick tried to win Chris over (which was important to him) but nothing worked, according to EW.

Although it wasn’t shown, Domenick stated that Chris was very influential at camp, and he wanted to be part of that inner circle when Chris and Domenick were originally working together. As we all know, that never worked out, and the two have been butting heads ever since.

Domenick believed that trying to trick Chris wasn’t worth it in the end. However, he certainly didn’t regret it and said he would do it again if needed. Afterall, this game is really all about backstabbing one another until you make it to the end!

According to a few online spoilers, fans believe it will be Chris who gets the boot tonight at Tribal Council (likely for running his mouth). The other tribe members seem to genuinely like Domenick, where Chris has already made a few enemies who are looking to get rid of him the first chance they get!


Domenick has also played his cards right in making strong alliances. He’s got strong ties with Wendell, Angela, and Donathan. And let’s face it, Michael will join any alliance he can latch onto at this point!

Survivor: Ghost Island airs on Wednesdays at 8:00 p.m. EST on CBS.

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