While in town for a fan convention in Minneapolis, Supernatural star Misha Collins was ambushed outside a restaurant and robbed. The actor, who turned 41 on August 20, was scheduled to appear at the convention as a member of the Supernatural panel.

US Weekly reports that Collins was followed out of a restaurant and beaten up and mugged by three men. He was reportedly not severely hurt, but did have to get stitches. He also sported a split lip following the altercation reported Cinema Blend.

The father of two was forced to cancel his appearance at the panel, where he was supposed to appear with co-stars Jared Padalecki (who plays Sam Winchester on the series), Jensen Ackles (who plays Dean Winchester), and Mark Sheppard (who plays Crowley).


Co-star Jim Beaver actually first broke the news via Facebook, but quickly deleted it. Though there is no knowledge why the post was erased, it certainly did not go unseen. Fan messages soon began pouring in, according to Access Hollywood.

It became so noticeable that Collins took to Twitter himself to share his gratitude to his over two million followers: “Just want u [sic] to know I’ve just got some minor scrapes. I’m totally fine!” However, the Random Acts non-profit co-founder did not cover the specifics of his injuries.

Despite the incident, it is reported that Collins, who plays resurrected angel Castiel on the hit show, did not want to disappoint fans, so he made a cameo appearance at about noon on Saturday. Talk about a big heart!

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Image Source: Flickr; Image copyright 2014, Tina Lawson


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