“Supernatural” Season 13 Release Date: What Time & Channel Does “Supernatural” Come On?

Supernatural Season 13
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Everyone’s favorite demon hunters are back! The Supernatural season 13 trailer is out, and fans cannot wait for the premiere. If you are wondering what time and channel Supernatural will come on, then you came to the right place.

Supernatural on CW has taken fans by storm after they saw a sneak peak of the coming season. With the Winchester brothers  alone now, they have even more to take on! Sam and Dean will have more to juggle as Jack learns to control his powers as Lucifer’s son. Read on to know everything about the Supernatural season 13 release date.

What Can We Expect on Supernatural Season 13?

The Winchester brothers have lost a lot of people over the show’s arc. From their dad and Bobby, to their mom (again), Castiel and Crowley. But the demon-fighting duo are back this season to deal with Jack and try to return Castiel to the land of the living.

For season 13, the dynamic between the Winchesters changes as Jack moves in with them as showrunner Andrew Dabb explains, “If Dean had a kid, what would that look like? If Sam had a kid, what would that look like? The joke is that it’s My Two Dads, Hell Edition.” Now, Dean’s infamous Chevy Impala will have a third passenger, who is not Cas, and the brothers  will have to learn what to do with the added responsibility.

The people behind the hit show said that they will focus less on Mary and Lucifer, instead choosing to concentrate on what fans have always liked: Sam and Dean’s journey. Though, they still promise that everything that makes Supernatural great is still there.


We can expect a lot of fun and demon hunting in the 13th season of Supernatural which premieres tonight on The CW!

13 years later and they've still got work to do. Supernatural premieres Thursday, October 12 on The CW. #SupernaturalDay

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You can catch Supernatural Thursday nights at 8:00 p.m EST only on The CW. In case you missed the trailer for Supernatural season 13, we have it below:


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