The Supernatural Season 11 mid-season finale left fans in complete shock. With twists so unexpected, Supernatural is back with a bang alright. Everyone right from Crowley to Castiel to our beloved Sammy and Dean Winchester, nobody was spared from disastrous events. Take a look at the top 7 traumatizing moments that Season 11 had us on the edge of our seats-

Lucifer’s Comeback

Okay let’s face it, we were expecting Lucifer to return at some point or the other, but so soon? It feels like yesterday that Season 5 was on and Lucifer was bossing around everyone, in Sam’s body. But his comeback trick was definitely not what anyone was expecting, given that he actually managed to pull it off.

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Sam Getting Trapped in The Cage

Why oh why did Sam have to go against his practical brother and go into Hell to speak with Lucifer? It only resulted in him being trapped in The Cage alongside the fallen angel, despite refusing to let Lucifer possess him again. However surprising this was, what every single fan was questioning is, “Where is Michael?!” Guess we’ll have to wait and watch for that one.

Dean and Amara’s kiss

Whoa, Dean and The Darkness? Although there was undeniable sexual tension between the two, the kiss was rather surprising. It would have been less shocking if Dean and Castiel locked lips!

Castiel’s Bleeding Eyes

Castiel has shown his weakness for power earlier by claiming to be God and whatnot, and has gone through a lot ever since his entry into the show seven seasons ago. But this just took it a little too far with Rowena cursing him and causing bleeding eyes and making him attack Crowley.

Supernatural Season 11 Promo Teaser Castiel Bleeding Eyes Rowena

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Amara as God’s Sister

That was a guaranteed shocker, who would have known that God had a sister who he “betrayed and sacrificed,” to create the world? Apparently Metatron. Castiel’s face was an assured reflection of everybody watching the show at that moment.


Crowley and the Winchester Brothers’ Frenemy Status

With Dean’s Mark of Cain gone, not only was The Darkness released, but it also destroyed a major part of Crowley and the Winchester brothers’ relationship. And at one point in the season Crowley was ready to kill Dean only because he tried to finish Amara and claimed that “fatherhood” changed him.

Sam’s Imaginary Friend

A little less shocking- but believable, is that Sam had an imaginary friend who in fact was turned out to be real. More than confusing us, this only made us feel bad for Sam who spent his childhood with an imaginary Zână, and the thoughts of running away from his family.

How much ever we may be reeling in the aftermath of the Supernatural mid-season finale, there is a long, long wait for Episode 10 that airs on January 20, 2016. With the cliffhanger end that they gave to Episode 9, we can only expect another 14 stunning episodes that blow our minds completely.

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