Has the seven-year-itch come early for Gisele Bündchen and Tom Brady? According to exclusive reports, the six years of wedded bliss between the world’s highest paid supermodel and the star NFL quarterback may be on the precipice.

What’s derailing the marriage? An affair? Finances? Nope. The couple has reportedly been fighting intensely after Brady received a four-game suspension from the New England Patriots in May.

The athlete was accused of knowing about tampered footballs used in the American Football Conference (AFC) championship game against the Indianapolis Colts on January 18, 2015. Using a football that has been deflated makes it easier to grip, throw, and catch. Not surprisingly, New England won 45-7.


Most people think Tom was aware that the footballs he was using had been tampered with. Needless to say, the suspension did not sit well with Brady. And the way he dealt with it was reportedly not sitting well with Bündchen.

Instead of retreating to one of the six-bedrooms in his spacious $20 million, 14,000 square foot, French château-inspired mansion in Los Angeles to contemplate his actions, it appears as though Brady has decided to take his frustrations out on his stunning wife.

Sources close to the celebrity couple claim that Brady has become “nasty and irritable.” Bündchen is so fed up with Brady’s selfish behavior and heated fights that the two didn’t even spend their recent birthdays together.

Bündchen allegedly even consulted with a high-flying divorce attorney to see where things stand. She is, after all, worth an estimated $386 million, significantly more than Brady’s $120 million. The celebrity couple also has two children together, five-year-old Benjamin and two-year-old Vivian.

If it is in fact true that the Victoria’s Secret model is considering divorce, it would seem as if she’s either trying to send Brady a wakeup call or let him know he is on notice. But is Brady going to beat Bündchen to the punch? Back in December, the NFL Players Association formally filed a lawsuit regarding Brady’s four-game suspension, and the documents included an e-mail from Brady asking about his long-term net worth. More than a few divorce attorneys have called his request “interesting.”


That being said, Tom Brady’s mood may be looking up, because it has just been announced that the player’s four-game suspension has officially been nullified by a judge. This means that with Deflategate behind him, he’ll be able to rejoin his team in their first game of the season against the Pittsburgh Steelers on September 10.

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