Last week, we saw our favorite heroine go up against her bizzaro clone (aptly named Bizzaro) while shielding her secret identity by the skin of her teeth. This week, however, Kara is in for a bigger feat as she is targeted by a parasitic alien that lures her into a dreamlike world in which her home planet, Krypton, still exists and all her loved ones are alive and well. This is the premise for Supergirl season 1 episode 13, which airs today on CBS.

Titled, For the Girl Who Has Everything, the episode is rumored to be inspired by For the Man Who Has Everything, graphic novelist Alan Moore’s story for the Superman comic. Moore is likely best known for his masterpiece Watchmen (from which he has since disassociated himself) and for his dark and often gruesome takes on traditional comic stories (The Killing Joke, for example).

In Moore’s story, the evil villain Mongul puts Superman in a coma, during which the Man of Steel dreams of an idyllic life on Krypton where he has a family of his own. With help from the rest of the Justice League, Superman breaks free from this utopia in order to destroy Mongul before the evil mastermind could use Superman’s weakness to destroy the superhero.


Last week’s cliffhanger showed Kara being attacked by a tentacled creature and it’s probably safe to assume that this week’s big baddie is the villainous Mongul who has trapped Supergirl in a similar dream world where she is back home on Krypton. The fact that Supergirl is all about protecting Earth from extraterrestrial threats makes it likely that Mongul will be the villain she fights off this week, but if Superman needed the help of the entire Justice League to defeat Mongul, will Supergirl be able to do it alone? And if not, who will come to her aid aside from her mortal pals?

Check out the trailer for this week’s episode below and tune in to Supergirl season1 episode 13 tonight (Monday, February 8) on CBS!

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