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About Aaron Hall
Known AsSunhatkid
Age28 Years
BirthOctober 28, 1995 Elyria, Ohio
SiblingsShawn Hall (Brother), Joseph Hall (Brother), Anthony Hall (Brother)
ParentsDee Hall (Mother)
In RelationshipKelsea (Sunhatgirl)

Popular YouTube prankster Danny Duncan is the subject of Internet outrage after his frequent collaborator, Sunhatkid, accused him of physical abuse. Aaron Hall, aka Sunhatkid, was a frequent appearance in Duncan’s videos until a rumored falling out. While fans wondered what happened to Sunhatkid, the influencer took to his solo channel to give his side of the story. Since then, Sunhatkid has received immense support from his followers. We reveal more about the Danny Duncan abuse allegations in this Sunhatkid wiki.

Sunhatkid’s Family

Aaron Hall was born on October 28, 1995. He’s gone by “Sunhatkid” since his association with Danny Duncan.

According to his brother Shawn Hall’s Facebook, Aaron and his brothers are of Brazilian descent. Sunhatkid revealed in his videos that he was born in Elyria, Ohio.

His family is currently based in Elyria where his mother, Dee Hall, resides. Aaron has two more brothers, Joseph Hall and Anthony Hall, whom he mentions in his videos.

Sunhatkid’s Relationships

Aaron Hall is currently in a relationship with a girl identified as Kelsea on social media. They met through Instagram and have been together at least since 2020. There’s very little known about their relationship.

Kelsea has appeared in some of Sunhatkid’s videos. She’s gone by “Sunhatgirl” on social media since her appearances on his channel.

Sunhatkid’s Career

A skateboarder, Aaron Hall first arrived on the social media scene performing cool skateboarding tricks. He collaborated with his brother Shawn to make their skateboard-themed channel, The Hall Brothers.


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Danny Duncan first featured on the Hall Brothers channel in 2016. That led to more appearances on each other’s channels, and Aaron came to be known as Sunhatkid from Duncan’s videos.

On his solo channel, Sunhatkid, Aaron has over 338K subscribers. As his channel is monetized, it translates to a hefty annual revenue estimated at $4,000.

Sunhatkid Alleges Danny Duncan Abuse

Sunhatkid posted a video titled “The Truth About Danny Duncan” on December 1, 2021, where he alleged that Duncan physically assaulted him. Aaron Hall claimed that Duncan frequently threatened him with a knife off camera.

Recently, Duncan’s channel viewers noticed Sunhatkid’s absence on his channel. Rumors were abound that the collaborators had parted ways after a falling out.

Now Hall is revealing more about this falling out. In the video, he recounted several incidents where Duncan allegedly physically abused him.

He also claimed that Duncan prevented him from collaborating with any other content creator. Duncan also allegedly forced Hall to sign a 10-year contract and took 20% of his earnings.

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Hall alleged that Duncan hit him on the head many times. Allegedly, there were instances where he even suffered a swelling on his head or was bleeding. He also claimed that Duncan kicked him in the head when he failed to perform a skateboarding trick and held a knife to his throat in another incident.

Since he posted the video, fans have been rallying behind Sunhatkid in support. Social media users have expressed their outrage toward Danny Duncan, who has not commented on the allegations.