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Suge Knight’s net worth in 2018 is $200,000 and the man is on trial for murder and attempted murder. He was once the king of the music industry, now a suspect in some gruesome happenings. Read about all the details of the downfall of Knight’s lavish lifestyle and his bankruptcy right here!

Suge Knight’s side of the coin is being showcased on BET, through Death Row Chronicles, a three-part series. The new documentary is on BET from February 20 to February 22, 2018, and is focused on displaying Knights side of the story. Interviews, statements, trials and more clarify a lot of minute things about the music man!

What Happened To Suge Knight’s Fortune?

  • Suge Knight whose real name is Marion Hugh Knight Jr. was best known for his position as CEO and co-founder of one of the most famous record labels—Death Row Records.
  • Today Knight is in jail after he lost all his fortune, and his current net worth is estimated at a meager $200,000.
  • The record producer once socialized with the hippest, most famous people on the globe, and signed artists like Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre to his glittering label. But the most popular association which the media juiced to the last drop was with Tupac Shakur!
  • Did you know Suge Knight’s Death Row Records in its heyday earned over $750 million through the 150 million albums produced?
  • The man has taken a huge hit regarding finances since his arrest, and it was all over too soon.
  • Knight minted money, and spent it all too stylishly! He was always seen in the best money could afford, including several cars, designer jewelry, expensive watches, and not to forget his lavish parties.
  • Knight, when he was at the peak of success, owned 34 cars, all pimped out to satisfy his luxurious needs. Ford F-150, Audi, Rolls Royce and Chevrolet Camaro were a few of his prized possessions (all customized by the way), before the man went from rich to rags!



  • Knight was known as a great businessman, and he knew where to invest his moolah! The music man owned humongous homes, clubs, party venues, and a whole lot of other real estate investments, which made his earnings come in millions!
  • Knight was flamboyant, almost arrogant about his money, but the empire he built for himself came crumbling down like it was made of cards.

Here’s how rich other record producers are compared to Suge Knight:

Record Producer Net Worth
Dr. Dre $800.0 million
Russell Simmons $340.0 million
Snoop Dogg $135.0 million
Quincy Jones $20.0 million
Suge Knight $200,000


  • Suge Kight’s seven bedrooms, nine bathroom Malibu mansion was sold off for $4.56 million. It wasn’t the only thing put out for sale when Knight declared himself bankrupt in 2006.
  • At the time according to his financial details, Knight owned jewelry valued at $25,000, furniture and household products valued at $2,000 and clothes valued at $1,000, and in his bank, he had $12.
  • Push came to shove and Knight had to sell off even his iconic electric chair of Death Row Records for $2,500 to keep himself afloat.
  • Knight got involved in the 1996 murder of Tupac Shakur, as he was in the driver seat of the car in which Shakur was shot.
  • Suge Knight’s name later in 1997 was dragged into the shooting of Notorious B.I.G. And just like that, the downfall of Knight began.
  • Prison became Knight’s home, after he was arrested for domestic violence. He beat up his girlfriend and apparently cut off her hair on the streets.
  • Knight was also taken in and served five years for a beat-up he and Shakur were involved in.
  • Rapidly, Knight began losing all possessions, and his jackets were even auctioned off on Storage Wars, for which he earned $5,000.
  • Bad reputation clouded Death Row Records, and Dr. Dre wanted out of it! He left the label soon, and Knight’s worst nightmare came to life!
  • The company so dear to him was sold off to Global Music Group who were based in New York.
  • Today, Suge Knight is charged with the murder of Terry Carter, and attempted murder of Cle “Bone” Sloane.
  • Which only means more downfall of the once upon a time king!

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