New details have surfaced about the divorce agreement between Lauren Silver, Simon Cowell’s younger baby mama and now girlfriend, and her ex-husband, Andrew Silverman—and it has a lot to do with Cowell’s role in the dissolution of their marriage.

As you probably recall, Mr. Silverman and Cowell were good friends, until Cowell was caught having an affair with his friend’s wife. She got pregnant with Cowell’s baby while she was still married. Her husband quickly proceeded with filing the divorce papers, and a settlement was reached not too long after. The former couple wanted to keep the proceedings as short as possible for the sake of their seven-year-old son. Although the divorce was said to be as amicable as possible, given the circumstances, these new details of their settlement prove otherwise, especially when it comes to his ex-wife’s current May-December relationship with Cowell.

The scorned husband has gone so far as to add a clause in their divorce settlement that bans Cowell from going anywhere near their son, and if he violates it, she’ll have to fork over a whopping $50,000 to her ex-husband. If Silverman and her celebrity sugar daddy violate the clause three times, she’ll no longer be allowed to contact her son until it’s dealt with in court.


That’s not all. Cowell’s sugar baby also got her say in the matter by adding a clause of her own: her ex-husband reportedly isn’t allowed to badmouth her new man to their son, and he’s also legally obligated to make sure no one else does either.

The anti-Cowell clause is only valid until January 2015, but it’s still a big blow to Silverman’s new May-December relationship with Cowell because, once their baby is born in February of next year, she’ll be forced to split her time between her son and her new family with Cowell.

Believe it or not, there’s another strange twist to this celebrity story. Silverman and her ex-husband have decided to forgo the involvement of lawyers in future disputes, agreeing instead to use mediators. They’ve decided on two, and one of them is billionaire Topshop owner Sir Phillip Green, who is a mutual friend of the Silvermans. Green is reportedly the one who first introduced Cowell and Mr. Silverman. Besides being close to both parties, Green is no stranger to the complications of May-December relationships—his own 22-year-old daughter, Chloe, is dating 45-year-old singer Marc Anthony.

What do you think: Is the Silvermans’ agreement to keep Simon Cowell away from their kid reasonable, or unfair?



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