Study: The Real Reason Women Want an Age Gap Hookup with an Older Man


If you’ve ever casually hooked up with an older man, was it because you had genuine feelings for him, or because you just thought he was good looking? If a new survey by the Human Sexuality Research Laboratory at the University of Ottawa is any indication, your motivation behind the age gap hookup was more likely to do with ether his appearance or, quite simply, the sex.

The survey, which aimed to “explore women’s motivations to have sex,” revealed that the most common reason for having casual sex was because “the person’s physical appearance turned me on,” followed by, “it feels good” and “I was ‘horny.’” The rest of the answers on the top 10 list of reasons why women have casual sex were almost all to do with the pleasures of sex or how attractive the man was.

So, while sex in a long-term May-December relationship is more closely associated with being an act or expression of affection and love, an age gap hookup seems to be much more about the physical aspects of sex. As the findings from the survey showed, women are more likely to have an age gap hookup if a man has nice eyes or smells good, instead of having casual sex to satisfy the emotional need for intimacy.

Interestingly, the number one reason for having sex among women in a long-term relationship or even marriage was, “it feels good.” Clearly, when it comes to casual sex or an age gap hookup, women aren’t as emotionally driven as they’re often made out to be.



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