Steven Tyler: Facebook/Aerosmith

An Aerosmith farewell tour in 2017 is looking to be a possibility according to the band’s lead singer, Steven Tyler. With Aerosmith on a brief hiatus, Tyler, who is promoting his new country album, said in an interview with Rolling Stone that when the band returns, it may be for the last time.

“I’m doing 30[solo] shows from May until August,” said the 68-year-old in the same interview. “And then in 2017 we go out with Aerosmith. We’re probably doing a farewell tour. Look, there’s two bands that still have the original members, us and the [Rolling] Stones. I’m grateful for that. Whether we do a farewell or go into the studio and do another record, I’m just excited about it.”

But things look uncertain at the moment for the legendary rock band. Could this really be the end? Tyler’s comments reflect what band guitarist, Joe Perry, said in Eddie Trunk’s podcast in December. “We are actually talking about that—about actually putting together a sort of wind-down tour which we would call the Farewell Tour,” said Perry.

“I guess it’s just because of our age. You know, something’s gonna happen. It’s just inevitable that somebody’s not gonna be able to do it anymore [sic],” Perry added. “So, it would be very nice to take a nice long bow and say thank you and … put it to be kind of gracefully.”

This may be sad to hear for most Aerosmith fans, but the man has a point: nothing lasts forever, after all. Usually when things end is when you start to enjoy them more—and we doubt Aerosmith will be any exception.

But never say never! Tyler and the others may just change their minds on stage while doing what they love and decide to carry on for their loyal fans. That would be something, wouldn’t it?