It’s no secret that when it comes to Steven Tyler’s dating life, he definitely likes them young. The Aerosmith frontman has a history of age-gap relationships where he is the older one by quite a margin. However, his supposed newest relationship may be on a whole different level of age gap from those of the past, because she’s 39 years younger than he is! Who’s this girl who could easily pass for his daughter? Steven Tyler is dating Aimee Ann Preston now, who’s his girlfriend and assistant!

The dating rumors have actually been around for over a year now, when stories suggested that Tyler and Preston were at the onset of a relationship, and that they were simply enjoying each other’s company without any major repercussions. At that point, she had already been the rock star’s assistant for a couple years—since 2014 and throughout 2015, to be precise—meaning she had been spending most of her waking hours with him; with that in mind, it’s no wonder a relationship blossomed! The rumors initially began when they started being photographed together at various locales and events, starting with Hawaii, where Preston was seen with her arms wrapped around Steven Tyler.

But here, in the present, the signs are there that this is more than a business relationship and that Steven Tyler is dating Aimee Ann Preston. On February 28, the two were seen holding hands at the Elton John AIDS Foundation’s Oscars viewing party in Los Angeles. According to someone at the party, they were careful to not act like a couple while the media was around, but had no issues with getting physical once they were at the party itself.


Before taking on the role of Steven Tyler’s girlfriend/assistant, Aimee Ann Preston was married to Scott Schachter, a talent agent. Tyler also isn’t her first assistant gig, having reportedly also served the role for current Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump. There’s no word on why she would have stopped working for Trump, given that it was probably a very well-paying gig, or if it had anything to do with his political aspirations.

Preston is the latest in the long list that is Steven Tyler’s dating life, and certainly not the first to be much younger than he is. The most notable age-gap relationship for the rock star was easily groupie Julia Holcomb, who came to live with Steven Tyler, then age 27, when she was only 16 after her parents agreed to give him guardianship. They eventually split following a series of stressful events, including a fire and an aborted pregnancy, which Holcomb would come to regret not keeping.

More recently in 2013, Steven Tyler ended his engagement with Erin Brady, who was noted for being only four years older than his famous actress daughter, Liv Tyler. The star would later admit that over the course of their relationship, he cheated on Brady and spent over $3 million supporting his cocaine habit. That being said, his family was never really okay with her, so despite the circumstances, they were probably happy with the result. Here’s hoping that Aimee Ann Preston, at least as his assistant, can do a better job keeping Steven Tyler in line!

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