If there’s one rock star who can still turn heads, it’s Aerosmith front man Steven Tyler. At 65, he’s still performing and is as popular as he was at the height of Aerosmith’s music career. Tyler is still even a hit with the ladies, especially younger women. He was recently spotted getting up close and personal with a mystery brunette in Maui who looked no older than 30. Tyler was seen taking pictures of who, we can only assume, is his new sugar baby while she sat on his motorcycle, and they were later joined by two other young women for a scuba session on the beach.

While there’s a chance that Tyler and this mystery woman are “just friends,” there’s a better chance that there’s more to their relationship. Since breaking off his engagement with fiancée Erin Brady—who is 25 years younger than him—Tyler has been seen romancing a string of younger women, including what appeared to be a steamy make-out session with 23-year-old actress Leven Rambin earlier this year.

Whether or not this most recent woman really is his new sugar baby has yet to be confirmed, since no one really knows who she is. But one thing is for sure, Steven Tyler has got the celebrity sugar daddy thing down pat. It doesn’t hurt that he’s estimated to be worth $130.0 million today.



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Photo Credit: Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com

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