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Steve Stucker has been on the airwaves of New Mexico longer than most broadcast professionals there. The veteran meteorologist has not only done the forecasts but also connected with Albuquerque residents throughout his career. But after he revealed some solemn news about his health, Steve Stucker is leaving KOB 4. Eyewitness News 4 Today viewers want to know what happened to him and if he will return to broadcasting. Find out what the weather forecaster said here.

Steve Stucker Retires from KOB 4

Albuquerque residents have woken up to Steve Stucker’s weather forecasts for three decades. Until recently, he covered the weather on Eyewitness News 4 Today from 4:30 a.m. to 7:00 a.m.

Over the years, he’s not only won Emmy Awards, but Albuquerque also voted him their favorite TV personality in The Magazine for 17 years straight. Along with Stucker, his star weather dogs, Radar and Koukla, have the KOB 4 community enchanted.

Albuquerque residents had insight into Stucker’s life with his wife, Rose, and their adult children and grandchildren. They’ve witnessed his awe-worthy philanthropy and his amazing Balloon Fiesta coverage. Moreover, they’ve learned about his passion for Harley Davidson and beekeeping.

Stucker tries to be as transparent as possible to those who’ve followed him on TV and social media. In the spirit of transparency, Stucker revealed that he was diagnosed with cancer in early January. The meteorologist also assured them that his prognosis looks good.

Together with KOB 4, Stucker has been doing his part to spread awareness about the disease while fighting it himself. He’s been advocating that his followers get checked regularly, as detection is key in defeating cancer.

On February 1, Steve Stucker announced he’s leaving KOB 4 via Facebook Live and followed it with an official announcement on the morning broadcast. The veteran meteorologist is retiring from the broadcasting industry and plans to move on to other ventures, including his ministry.

Stucker hasn’t specified when his last day on air is, but he stated that there would be a few more days before he’s officially hanging up the weather clicker. He expressed gratitude for all the love and support everyone has given him for 30 years.

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His followers and viewers congratulated Steve Stucker for his illustrious legacy in broadcast and wish him well. And they hope he’ll stay connected on social media.