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Jackass star, Steve-O is no stranger to stunt-related injuries, with it being the whole premise of the hit MTV series and all. But it looks like he suffered his worst injury to date. Not to worry folks! Steve-O’s girlfriend is with him while he’s on the mend!

Can Steve-O get any more dangerous? The Jackass (pun intended) doused his arms in rocket angel fuel to create fire angels. Needless to say the stunt went horribly wrong and he had to undergo surgery. Steve-O has been updating fans about his hospital stay on Instagram and it features a mystery woman. Is that Steve-O’s girlfriend in 2017? He’s dated his fair share of women in the past, but there was no hint of a relationship until now. Take a look at Lux Wright’s wiki right here to find out more about Steve-O’s girlfriend.

Who is Steve-O Dating?

Stephen Glover, better known as Steve-O, is well known for his pranks and stunts on MTV’s Jackass and Wildboyz. But the 42-year-old’s rocket engine fuel stunt on Wednesday (July 5) left his arms with massive burns. He didn’t seek immediate treatment, opting instead to perform another stunt the next day with his gnarly arms.

But when the pain became too unbearable, he went to a hospital on Sunday (July 9) for numbing cream. Instead, doctors said he needed surgery. Steve-O has been posting snaps of his arms covered in a cast getting treated for second and third-degree burns on Instagram.


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But in a couple of posts, he’s seen with a woman. She keeps him company in his hospital bed and in another post, he’s holding her, ‘bridal style,’ while they pose for a pic with his doctor. He tagged her in the Instagram posts (referring to her as his “future wife” in one) and we came to know that the woman’s name is Lux Wright.

She’s a Photographer

Not much is known about Lux Wright at this point. According to her Instagram bio, she is a photographer, stylist, and visual artist for films, commercials, and stills. Her social profile hasn’t been updated but her age is around 30, and she has an Associate of Arts degree.


Her Instagram doesn’t have many pictures of herself, but she posts photos of the world through her camera lens. She tags her work #TheMannerofLux and has pictures of her travels and anything that interests her, including tattoos, music, art, food, motorcycles, poker, Star Wars, and many other things.


She Loves to Travel

An avid traveler, Wright signed up for, a social networking site that lets travelers stay as guests at a host’s house. Her first experiencing was in London and Amsterdam in 2015 after which, she made a profile on the website.

The Californian has traveled to Costa Rica, England, France, Jamaica, Mexico, and the Netherlands. She planned an entire Europe trip and participated in poker tournaments. Judging from her Instagram, her most recent trip was to Japan and she fell in love with the country.

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Steve-O looks like he’s got a lot of recovering to do. But at least he has a beautiful adventure-loving kindred spirit to accompany him!


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