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Celebrity Family Feud just got personal for host, Steve Harvey. That’s because his own family were competing against each other. Poor Harvey had to mediate between the men and women of his family. But what we loved watching was the comedian’s chemistry with his wife, Marjorie Harvey.

Steve Harvey and his wife, Marjorie Harvey, celebrated 10 years of marital bliss this June. So they marked the occasion with a feud, Celebrity Family Feud that is. The host’s family came on the show, and it was the Harvey men led by Marjorie versus the Harvey women led by Marjorie’s mother. With 10 years in the bag, Steve and Marjorie have some amazing chemistry. If you don’t know much about Steve Harvey’s wife and brood, catch up on their large and blended family in Marjorie Harvey’s wiki.

Third Time’s a Charm

Steve Harvey was married twice before. He has twin daughters, Brandi and Karlie, 34, and a son, Broderick, 26, from his first marriage to Marcia Harvey. From his second marriage to Mary Lee Shackelford, he has a son, Wynton, 20. Steve and Marjorie don’t have children together, however, Steve is stepfather to Marjorie’s three children—Morgan, Jason, and Lori—from a previous marriage, while Marjorie is stepmother to Steve’s children.

The couple also has four grandchildren. Their youngest granddaughter, Rose, was born this year which prompted a special celebration for Mother’s Day since Marjorie’s daughter, Morgan was a first-time mom. “As long as I’m able to speak with my mother, each one of our children and grandchildren on Mother’s Day, I will always be happy,” Marjorie said.


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They Owe Steve’s Bodyguard

Steve Harvey’s first two marriages were difficult. The first one ended when he wanted to focus on his career. But he was broke and living out of his car. The second, he claimed, was not right from the beginning because he got married just to be with someone. His marriage to Mary met a bitter end with her filing a lawsuit against him and an ugly court battle.

While he was a struggling entertainer, he began dating his longtime friend, Marjorie, before they went their separate ways. But his bodyguard knew that Marjorie was the only woman for him. “He told me, ‘Look, the only time I’ve ever seen you happy was when you were with that woman Marjorie. Now before you go and do something stupid and marry another woman, I’m calling her.’” recalled Steve. With encouragement from his bodyguard, he called his ex, Marjorie. They picked up where they left off and married in 2007.


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She’s a Fashion Maven

Over the past decade, Steve Harvey’s famous date on the red carpet has been his wife, and she’s always a sight to behold. In fact, she always looks fabulous, even while walking on the street. Marjorie Harvey has an impeccable style which she imparts on her blog, The Lady Loves Couture. Her status in the fashion world has found her on front row seats for fashion shows everywhere from New York to Paris. Her blog’s not just about fashion; it encompasses travel, lifestyle, skincare, and food.


Her fame has earned her over 1.6 million followers on Instagram! That’s almost half over her husband’s following. She has expanded her fashion venture by starting a clothing line, and a line of handbags. Her daughters have also followed in her footsteps with blogs of their own, as Morgan has a food blog, I Need Some Mo.

Marjorie’s net worth hasn’t been calculated, but she was largely responsible for the growth and progress of Steve’s career. Now, Steve Harvey has a net worth of $140.0 million.

She Stands by Her Husband

Remember when Steve Harvey paid a visit to his old friend, President Donald Trump? He was there to discuss Trump’s plans for inner cities, which is a good thing no matter how contentious the POTUS is. However, the backlash on social media was instantaneous and obvious. Nevertheless, Marjorie Harvey thanked her husband for doing the right thing even “in the face of adversity!” However, she didn’t let him go to Trump’s inauguration because she insisted he celebrate his 60th birthday on January 17 with the family.

Marjorie also shared words of encouragement for Steve when he returned to Miss Universe after the infamous name blunder in 2015. And if you needed more proof of how perfect their marriage is, this couple can also joke about Marjorie leaving Steve for the pool boy on Celebrity Family Feud.

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