On an episode of his self-titled TV show, Steve Harvey, Steve Harvey revealed his true feelings about Donald Trump running in the 2016 presidential race. While interviewing Omarosa, who appeared in the original The Apprentice series, an audience member asked her whether Trump should win. While she did not give an exact answer to that, Harvey, 58, certainly volunteered. He said, “I love his golf courses, I love his buildings, I like him as a guy. If he becomes President of the United States, in 8 years, I’m running!” And it’s safe to say that the crowd went wild!

However, noticing Omarosa’s evasion, fans of the show commented on the YouTube video, “HAHA That was a really long winded way for her to say, “I’m not going to say I don’t support him even though I don’t. I have bills to pay.” [sic].” Another one propagated Harvey’s proposal and said, “#steveharvey for president let’s get this trending.” Wouldn’t that be interesting?


On another note, the funnyman has been roped in to play host for the upcoming December 20 live show of Miss Universe. In another episode of his show, Harvey also shared what really scarred him during his childhood. In a short video posted to Instagram, he explained how his aunt used to stay with the family for three weeks. What really scared him was when she “popped her bra,” which made him feel like “somebody had opened up a life raft in the room.”

Reality star Kym Whitley, who was on the show, simply could not control her laughter! Hysterically laughing, she got off the chair she was sitting on and said, “Shut up!” Fans also were in the same boat as Whitley, as they left comments like, “Can’t stop laughing ahahahha [sic],” with several laughing emoticons. One was even rooting for the two co-hosts of the day saying, “I don’t care what nobody says there’s needs to be a Steve & Whitley show…u guys are hysterical [sic].”

I was traumatized as a little boy when my aunt did this….

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