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Stephen Colbert can now add “Emmy Awards 2017 host” to his resume! The Late Show star hosted the Emmys for the first time, and everyone is talking about his epic  Emmy monologue.

Stephen Colbert pulled out all stops for his first time hosting the Emmy Awards. His Emmy opening monologue had a few political jabs at President Trump, and some of the best jokes in Emmys history! And, he had a 1few helpful cameos for his opening, too. One particular appearance made the crowd of TV’s biggest stars go wild Here’s what happened in Stephen Colbert’s Emmys opening monologue.

Everything Is Better on TV

The Late Show host kicked off the Emmys elaborating why everything is better on TV… in a song! As if it couldn’t get any better, it featured all our favorite TV stars and Chance the Rapper! But the best part of this opening was the politically-infused jokes.

He started with proving that no one loves TV like Stephen Colbert. He also mentioned Game of Thrones a few times. The series took home 12 Emmys last year, but sadly, it was not eligible this year.

He also applauded first responders and volunteers who are working tirelessly in disaster-stricken Texas and Florida. After pitching for the ‘Hand in Hand 2017’ hurricane relief organization, he put a lighter spin on it thanks to Billy Eichner.

And then came the President. Colbert held nothing back with his not-so-subtle jabs at Donald Trump. He even told the President to go ahead and tweet about him. He also made a special mention of Ted Cruz and his recent little Twitter gaffe.

Colbert took the opportunity to mention the networks leading the Emmy nominations. Netflix has come a long way from its begins as a streaming site to producing original content.

And then there’s HBO, which grappled with hackers for its juggernaut show, making it ineligible for the Emmys. Colbert also took a moment to centre out Milo Ventimiglia, questioning him on how his character dies in the next season of This is Us.

Now, back to Trump… Colbert warned Alec Baldwin that his Trump impersonation is up against Trump himself, who dominated our TV screens this past year, including content for a lot of talk shows. Baldwin had nothing to worry about though. His SNL Trump stint won him an Emmy for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series. Colbert then reminded the audience of the time Trump accused the Emmys of being rigged when he did not win for “The Apprentice” a few years back. Colbert also theorized that if Trump had won an Emmy, he would not have run for president! Also, kudos to Seth Meyers for keeping a straight face while his mouth was stuffed with marbles!

Colbert wanted to know how big the night’s audience was. He made lofty claims that last night’s crowd was the biggest. So, he called on an expert in estimating crowds. And that’s when the crowd really went wild…

Former White House Press Secretary, Sean Spicer arrived on the stage to much of the celebrities’ utter shock. Well, he’s got a lot of time on his hands now. And, he even rolled over his podium to say, “This will be the largest audience to witness an Emmys, period. Both in person and around the world.”

If Spicer said it, it has to be true, right? And no, that wasn’t Melissa McCarthy dressed as Sean Spicer, even though Colbert referred to Spicer as such! She was, however, right there in the audience with the rest of Hollywood laughing in utter shock!

Watch Colbert’s entire opening monologue at the 2017 Emmys below, along with his grand musical number to open the show.