As the gap to the NBA championship title closes, fans have to wonder which team has more star power and which team is stacked more against the other in terms of points and athleticism. It’s East vs. West as the NBA finals continue, leaving everyone wondering—as they watch online or live stream—who will make history this season.

As the rematch of the year continues, fans are wondering “Who will be the 2016 NBA MVP?” With fans comparing Steph Curry vs. LeBron James stats, everyone wants to know who will help swing the scoreboard in their favor for the Cavs vs. Warriors Game 2.

LeBron James

Whether you like him or not, basketball fans everywhere have practically memorized most LeBron James stats and there’s usually no stopping him. The 32-year-old James is six foot eight inches, 250 pounds, is a power forward, and has 13 years of experience in the game. There’s a reason his most prominent nickname is “King James.” James dominates the court, no matter what team jersey he wears; taking the spotlight is part of what James does best, and he doesn’t quit. Arguably one of the most famous players in NBA history, the camera is never not on James. The Cleveland Cavalier is already a six-time MVP award recipient, which makes it likely to happen again.

Stephen Curry

For a while now, Curry has been a staple in the NBA and has impressed everyone with his skills as a point guard. The 28-year-old Golden State Warrior is six foot three, weighing 185 pounds and has seven years of experience. The Steph Curry stats don’t exactly compare to James’ stats, as Curry is only a two-time MVP, but they don’t call him the “Baby-Faced Assassin” for nothing. Though James is stronger, bigger, older, and has been around longer, it doesn’t mean Curry is less of a player. Both players arguably have a close-ranged level of star power in their fields, despite their differing net worth.

NBA Finals Game 2

Basketball isn’t always just about skill; it is also a game of chance, and sometimes a team gets just enough luck to make a shot. Not to say that there isn’t a good amount of skill exhibited by the players—because there is—but anything is possible in a game with stakes as high as the NBA Finals. Both teams have made it this far, and when things get heated, that’s usually when the fouls start rolling in. Of course, teams as good as the Golden State Warriors and the Cleveland Cavaliers don’t need to rely on fouls; however, don’t be surprised if things get aggressive. But it does make for some interesting TV when teams are yelling at referees and actually pushing each other to the ground (we’re looking at you, James).

Either way, the question “Who will be MVP?” is a matter of opinion but is also dependent on which team wins the championship.

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