“Star Wars Rebels” Season 4 Release Date: When Does “Star Wars Rebels” Start on Disney XD?

Star Wars Rebels

It’s been an awesome time to be a Star Wars fan these past few years. We saw a solid film that continued the saga with The Force Awakens, and another impressive one that filled in some story gaps with Rogue One. There are also the amazing new animated adventures in Star Wars Rebels. For three seasons, we followed the adventures of the crew of the Ghost as they help set up the Rebel Alliance. But with season 4, the story is coming to some sort of end, which means you have to tune in to see it all unfold! But when is the Star Wars Rebels season 4 release date? When does Star Wars Rebels season 4 start? We’ll answer those questions and take a look at where the show might be going for the rest of the season.

When Last We Left the Crew of the Ghost

We got a little bit of a bittersweet ending to season 3. The rebels escaped the clutches of Grand Admiral Thrawn but at the cost of their base, the loss of help from Force mystic Bendu, and having to set up a new base on Yavin IV. While not as dark as the ending to season 2 with the apparent death of Ahsoka, the crew of the Ghost is on the run.

What’s Going to Happen in Star Wars Rebels Season 4?

When the first Star Wars Rebels season 4 trailer hit the Internet in April 2017, we started to get our first glimpses of what we should expect in this final season. Mystical wolves, Kallus as a full-fledged rebel, space battles, and sadly, hints of an ending. Star Wars Rebels creator Dave Filoni has confirmed that this will be the show’s last season.

As further trailers appeared, we also had a better look at Ruhk, Thrawn’s assassin (voiced by Warwick Davis), who is making his first appearance in the new Star Wars cannon this season, as well as the return of Saw Gerrera (Forest Whitaker). And not to put a damper on things, but we know by the time A New Hope rolls around, the only Jedi walking around is Obi Wan and then Luke, which means at some point this season, Ezra and Kanan have to go off into the sunset. How their story ends is still a mystery, but we are betting at least one of them will not make it to old age!

The first two episodes of Star Wars Rebels season 4 had a special screening a few months ago and had rave reviews. We don’t want to give too much away, but what we will say is that the first two episodes are very heavy on the Mandalorian content, as the crew returns to Mandalore to help Sabine fight the Empire. There’s also a new and deadly super-weapon that has a connection to Sabine’s past.


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When Can You See the Star Wars Rebels Season 4 Premiere?

There’s a chance that you are now leaping up and down in your chair with anticipation, wondering when is the Star Wars Rebels season 4 premiere date? When is the Star Wars Rebels start date? When?! We’ve been asking the same thing for months and luckily, it’s finally here! Star Wars Rebels season 4 is on Disney XD starting Monday, October 16This season finds Disney XD doing multiple airings of episodes so you may want to check your local listings for air times in your region!



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