Since the news broke that George Clooney and Stacy Keibler had officially split, rumors have been swirling about what went wrong with the celebrity couple. Some sources insisted it was because Keibler had her sights set on marriage and kids, but Clooney wasn’t interested. Other insiders claimed it wasn’t marriage, but their busy, international schedules that fueled their decision to break up.

Keibler is now trying to put the rumors to rest and set the record straight, insisting that the breakup was nothing extraordinary. “There’s nothing really dramatic that happened. It’s all good,” Keibler said in a recent interview, adding, “I’m someone that’s always lived in the present moment. I always look at the positive in everything.”

In keeping with the positive attitude, Keibler told another reporter that she’s been doing “great” since the breakup, and that she and the actor are still on good terms. “George and I have always been friends and we always will be friends.”


What do you think: Is it possible for a man and woman to be friends after they break up?

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