Photo: Alberto E. Rodriguez / Staff /Getty Images

Stacey Dash has been in the media lately for all the wrong reasons. Barely two weeks ago, the 48-year-old was suspended from Fox News, for whom she is a presenter. The channel heads were not happy with her for using foul language and saying that she did not “give a shit” about President Barack Obama’s anti-terrorism strategy, so they benched her for 14 days.

And even more recently, Dash, 48, became the target of cyber crime. Her Twitter account was hacked into by someone she apparently knew, who posted and deleted images without her permission. Following the unfortunate incident, Dash tweeted, “My account was compromised by a man I trusted, posting vulgar attempts to garner followers. My Apologies to all.”

Posting the same status to Facebook, Dash received the support of her fans. They told her not to worry as they knew who she was. One fan had a suggestion, writing, “From a cyber security consultant, never share your PW and change it weekly [sic].” Another wrote, “No apologies needed. It was obvious it wasn’t you posting those things.”

Apparently, earlier this week Dash made a trip to the police station and filed a report against someone harassing her as well as misusing her Twitter account. But the TV presenter took this opportunity to spread awareness among others and said, “Do not not be a victim.” She told all the girls out there being victimized that she is doing the right thing, which is “what any lady must do if she’s being stressed through a guy.”