Mark Ruffalo is over the moon with excitement after hearing that his name has been included in the Golden Globe Award 2016 nominations list that was released earlier today. The actor, who starred in the critically acclaimed Spotlight movie, has been nominated for “best Performance by an actor in a motion picture – musical or comedy” for his role in the comedy drama Infinitely Polar Bear.

After the nominees were announced, the official Golden Globes twitter handle posted a message congratulating Ruffalo. The actor, understandably elated by the recognition, then shared the tweet on his own page, adding, “Thank you so much HFP. Totally unexpected, bowled over, so overwhelmed with gratitude.” (HFP stands for Hollywood Foreign Press Association, the organization that presents the Golden Globe Awards.)

Infinitely Polar Bear isn’t the only reason Ruffalo has to get excited. His Spotlight movie project is also up for some huge Golden Globe Awards, including best motion picture (drama), best motion picture director (Tom McCarthy), and best motion picture screenplay.


Aside from the film’s A-list cast—including Ruffalo, Rachel McAdams, Michael Keaton, Stanley Tucci, and Live Schreiber—the positive critical reception of the Spotlight movie might also have something to do with the nature of the film’s plot, which focuses on a very touchy subject matter: the issue of child molestation in the Catholic church. The film covers the true story about the investigation carried out by the Boston Globe, one that eventually revealed a major cover-up of abuse and molestation within the Catholic Church.

The seriousness and depth of the plot of the Spotlight movie wasn’t lost on Ruffalo, who has admitted that having grown up Catholic himself, his life has been impacted by the issue of clergy abuse. “Even as a boy, I could feel it. There was a cruelty in the way the nuns treated us,” he said at the film’s premiere in Boston this past October. “It just didn’t jibe with the teachings of Christ that we were being taught, you know?”


Spotlight currently has a very impressive 98% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, with an average score of 9/10 from critics. So if there was ever a movie to add to your watch list before awards season kicks off early next year, this is definitely it!

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