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In the latest news, the chain of Halloween stores, Spirit Halloween, has refused to take Native American costumes off their shelves.

Recently, Spirit Halloween found itself in hot water after stocking Halloween costumes like “Reservation Royalty,” “Indian Princess,” and “Indian Warrior,” in their chain of stores all across the United States. This is not the first time Spirit Halloween has been accused of cultural appropriation—their costumes are considered offensive 19th century stereotypes of the indigenous tribes.

Spirit Halloween Is “Proud” of its Costume Selection

Despite numerous protests from activists to take down the Native American costumes such as “Queen of the Tribe” and “Wolf Dancer” which mocks aboriginal attires, Spirit Halloween emailed a statement saying they will not remove the indigenous-themed costumes. The Spirit Halloween web site stocks various Native American outfits, ranging from toddlers to little girls and boys, as well as adult men and women. Most of the stereotypical offensive costumes come with feathered headdresses and bows and arrows.

Spirit Halloween’s statement read, “Since 1983, at Spirit Halloween, we have offered a wide and balanced range of Halloween costumes that are inspired by, celebrate and appreciate numerous cultures, make believe themes and literary figures.” The chain has numerous stores all across North America that are running successfully.


With regards to Native American costumes, the email stated that “Understanding certain sensitivities, we always strive to present our costumes in a responsible and respectful manner. While we respect the opinion of those who are opposed to the sale of any cultural or historical costumes, we are proud of our costume selection for men, women, and children. We will continue to offer this broad assortment of costumes in the future, while we maintain our commitment to our diverse customer base.”

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