Storyteller, activist, tech nerd—out of these three adjectives that best describe Sophia Bush, she’s once again gaining popularity for her outreaching activism. Using the hashtags “GiftsThatGiveBack” and “12DaysOfConsciousGiving,” the Chicago P.D. actress is tapping into the good cause of gifting necessities like clean water and education to the world’s most poverty-stricken areas, with a particular focus on helping underprivileged girls.

What’s more, Bush has a clever way of spreading the message and appealing for donations (as she herself generously donates)—by pitching it as a Christmas gift. “If your most loved one(s) don’t have any cool stuff on their wish lists, think about donating to an incredible charity in their name,” Bush wrote on Instagram. The post also talks about how she does not shy away from making “straight forward donations to awesome causes.” With the post, Bush included a collage of photos from her various humanitarian efforts.

While looking for organizations that have a “give-back-and-change-the-world-for-the-better” ethos, the actress and humanitarian promoted three charity initiatives: charity: water, Pencils of Promise, and The Girl Project. All the three have their own individual areas of focus, including access to clean drinking water, enabling primary education for developing nations, and providing secondary school education for the “over 50 million girls around the world” who don’t have access to it.


Sophia Bush Pushes Fans on Humanitarian Gifts

Photo: Instagram/sophiabush

Since it went up yesterday, Bush’s post has racked up over 38,500 likes and an abundance of comments about how inspiring she is—throughout the comments, fans refer to her as a “role model,” “a beautiful person inside and out,” and “a gift to the world.”

Over the years, Bush has become known for her activist efforts. For example, she recently had a #DearSophia giveaway contest to inspire the character of giving with a view to empower women and the local communities in need around the world. The popular traveler and humanitarian also recently journeyed to Uganda with a RYOT News virtual reality camera to explore “three of her favorite ethical fashion companies – 31 Bits, Akola Project, and Sseko Designs.”

In addition to Sophia Bush’s acting career, her fans and followers on social media also take wide interest in her high moral standards. For instance, one fan on Instagram shared a photo of Bush and captioned it, “#dearsophia I’m truly inspired by all you do with these companies that uphold high morals standards and provide women with the opportunity to earn fair wages and be independent. you’re a try leader in the movement of respectable business and lead by example [sic].”

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