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There is a theory that explains how strangers can pass off as twins. There is even a website, that lets you find your twin from any corner of the world. This explains why we see so many doppelgangers of our favorite celebs! The latest example is Sofia Solares, who looks exactly like Selena Gomez.

We all sometimes confuse one celebrity for another, simply because they look alike. From Josh Duhamel and Timothy Olyphant, to Amy Adams and Isla Fisher, the resemblance between two people can be so uncanny that we sometimes forget which one is which!

If you have checked out Instagram in the past couple weeks, you might have come across Selena Gomez’s look-alike. Sofia Solares’ Instagram account looks like your average 22-year-old’s page, but if you take a closer look, you might have noticed that she looks a lot like the 25-year-old world famous singer! People cannot get over the resemblance between the two! Sofia Solares and Selena Gomez have gone viral in a matter of days because of Solares’ uncanny resemblance to the “Come & Get It” singer. But who is the woman who could easily pass off as Selena Gomez’s long lost twin? To find out more about her, take a look at our Sofia Solares wiki, right here!

Sofia Solares’ Wiki

Sofia Solares’ age is 22 and she is from Mexico. Her Instagram account is flooded with selfies, her favorite products, and Starbucks cups. Solares currently has almost 218k followers on Instagram and should be used to people calling her Selena Gomez’s look-alike. Her photos are filled with comments from users saying, “Selena Gomez Double bro.” and, “Selena? I’m so shook OMG.”

To make matters even better for the singer’s fans, she follows Selena Gomez on Twitter and shared one of her posts. Though Gomez has not commented on her uncanny likeness to Solares, the reaction from fans on social media is likely to change that soon!

In an interview, Solares said, “I love Selena Gomez and I declare myself a fan of her and of course it would be a dream to know that she knows of my existence and will devote a few seconds to write me something,” adding, “I would cry with happiness.”

While she knows how much she resembles Gomez, Sofia Solares still wants the world to know that she is still her own person. “I always try to be myself. I say it’s okay to look like her, but I do not want to lose myself for trying to be someone I’m not,” she explains. Can’t blame us for freaking out; who wouldn’t want two Selena Gomez’s on this earth!


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