Recently shared posts and pictures on social media are giving fans big clues about what the second half of Jane the Virgin season 2 has in store. With many twists in Jane’s (Gina Rodriguez) love life and dropping a certain out-of-the closet revelation in the De La Vega family, the show is trending its comeback by stirring up the excitement online. The critically acclaimed romantic comedy is set to release its mid-season premiere (Jane the Virgin season 3 episode 9) tonight at 9/8c on The CW.

The show has a shocking turnabout in this episode when Jane’s grandma/Rogelio’s mother, Liliana De La Vega (Rita Moreno), drops a bombshell on the family. Spoilers of the show reveal that Liliana spills about her husband being gay, and how he’s left her at this age for another man. While the rest of the family tries to be subtle about it, Rogelio (Jaime Camil) can’t deal with his dad’s new lifestyle. This past weekend (January 23), the show shared a picture of Rogelio and his on-screen mother on Instagram, writing, “Secrets of the De La Vega family will be revealed when #JaneTheVirgin returns in just 3 DAYS!”

Jane Virgin


Another addition to the show’s comical blend is the return of Mateo in this season. Mateo (Madison Rojas), the son of Jane and Rafael Solano (Justin Baldoni), returns as the newest member of Villanueva family. The show is likely to add to the hilarity with some funny meddling of Mateo’s character, and how his growing up in such a droll of a family turns out for Jane and the rest. The show tweeted Mateo’s return on Saturday and spoke out about him doubling the show’s comedy, saying,” The Villaneuva household is twice as fun with Mateo around! #JaneTheVirgin returns in just 2 DAYS!”

The show also teased a twist, or rather a return, in Jane’s love life. Her romance with Michael Cordero, Jr. (Brett Dier) sparks up in this episode, and it certainly looks as if they’re about to end up together again. But will it really be that simple? Yesterday, the show posted a photo of them together, captioning it, “Jane and Michael (yes, Jane AND Michael) are back when #JaneTheVirgin returns TOMORROW at 9/8c.”



So far, the show has been trending online for its premiere tonight. Click here to find out more about the rest of the season by watching the trailers and promos. And be sure to watch the mid-season premiere with Jane the Virgin season 2 episode 9 airing tonight at 9/8c on The CW.

Photo: Instagram/cwjanethevirgin

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