Snoop Dogg’s net worth is already a whopping $135 million dollars, and to add to that substantial amount, the rapper just launched his own jewelry line! An extravagant line of gold and diamond chains and pendants, Snoop Dogg previewed the collection to his fans first on Instagram and Twitter.

For a while now, Snoop Dogg has been working in partnership with online store King Ice to produce several signature pendants. Dogg posted a collage of four of the pendants: a Bengal tiger, a marijuana leaf, a “Gold Purple Drank,” and an “IDFWU” necklace.

Snoop Dogg New Business on Instagram Gold Chains

Photo: Instagram/snoopdogg


Fans of the rapper undoubtedly loved the bling. They wrote, “I already know the ones we getting too,” and, “Get these for your parents for Christmas [sic].” Wait, what? Anyway, another fan asked Dogg, “Why you selling jewels?” He does make a valid point, although the answer to that probably is making money.

The “Jungl Julz” line by Dogg is definitely expensive, ranging between $30 and $100 a piece. The cheapest is a sterling silver bracelet, which comes in three colors, while the most expensive items include a gold marijuana leaf charm necklace and a gold Africa necklace.

The official King Ice web site also posted a behind-the-scenes video, which unsurprisingly features Dogg smoking weed on set (while his song “Love Me In a Special” plays in the background) as a part of the photoshoot. Dogg described the jewelry as “nice fine jewelry, very animalistic, fly.” Fans on YouTube commented that their favorite is the “Iced out Wiz Khalifa taylor Gang Pendant, silver edition [sic].”

Image Source: Instagram/kingice


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