Jessie J is taking her career to the next level. The singer announced on Twitter today that she’ll be joining the cast of Ice Age: Collision Course, the fifth instalment in the animated film franchise.

Jessie J shared the news by tweeting a picture of her character, Brooke, in the upcoming flick, along with the caption, “You ‘Herd’ it here first! I’m in #IceAge!Follow #CollisionCourse to see who’s joining me! So excited!” Judging by the comments on Twitter, her fans are clearly just as elated. The post has since been liked over 1,600 times and retweeted by more than 660 followers.

The role marks Jessie J’s first major Hollywood credit, positioning her for what may very well be a successful transition from music to acting. However, the only other role she has lined up for now is in the TV movie/musical Grease: Live, which airs next year.


Ice Age: Collision Course is also slated for a July 2016 release date. Other interesting additions to the cast reportedly include football player-turned-TV-host Michael Strahan, renowned scientist Neil deGrasse Tyson, and Modern Family star Jesse Tyler Ferguson.

These celebrities will be joining an already star-studded cast who are reprising their roles from the previous films. Familiar voices will include Queen Latifah as Ellie, the mammoth; Ray Romano as Manny, also a mammoth; Jennifer Lopez as Shira, the saber-toothed tiger; and Wanda Sykes as Granny, the wise old sloth.

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