Simone Biles on November 15, 2021 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

Everybody wants to know everything about American gymnast Simone Biles. People are curious about Simone Biles’ family. The fact that Biles was abandoned by her biological mother but raised by her grandmother has struck an emotional cord with everyone. Her struggle to become the world’s premier gymnast has captivated millions. People are asking “Does Simone Biles have a sister?” They are also asking if there is a Simone Biles’ twin? Don’t worry, we have the answers to your questions.

Nothing like Family

Yes, Simone Biles has a sister. In fact she has two sisters, one elder and one younger. No, She does not have a twin. Biles has a younger sister named Adria who grew up with Biles in the same family. Biles’ grandfather adopted Adria when she was just four years old and raised her like she was his own daughter. His wife Nellie has given Adria and Biles unconditional love and encouraged them to follow their dreams. Biles has already achieved so much and is considered the best gymnast in the world today.

Champion in the Making

Simone Biles’ sister, gymnast Adria is keen on following Biles’ footsteps in her career. Adria is a gymnast as well and has already served notice of her talent by winning several championships. Earlier this year she won first place in the all-around competition at the Texas Level 9 State Championship and the regional Level 9 Championships. Biles was overjoyed at her kid sister’s achievement and tweeted “ So so so proud of you.”

Bonding Together

Despite their busy schedules, Simone Biles and her sister Adria are very close. They try to spend as much time as they can with each other. They regularly have girls day out, when they go out with their friends and have fun. You can make out from Simone Biles’s sister’s pictures how happy they are in each others company. Both Biles and Adria love celebrations and they celebrate special moments often. Their greatest joy is their family that has nurtured them and made them so loved and cared for.

There is no Jealousy

Adria is big on social media. She tweets regularly and most of the time it’s about big sister. Adria is a regular on Instagram and has more than 10,000 followers. Adria is taller than Biles but similar in looks. She is often mistaken for Biles and many people have walked up to her and asked if she was Simone Biles. Adria takes this lightly and laughs off the matter. A lesser girl would be upset and jealous but not Adria. She is proud of the fact that her sister is so popular all over the world. Even at this year’s Rio Olympics, Adria was Biles’ biggest supporter and is very happy with her sister’s performance.

Having Fun, Working Hard

Adria is a high school senior right now and needs direction and advice. She gets tons of it from Biles who is always looking out for her younger sister. Adria admits that Biles is always pushing her but in the best way possible. By setting a personal example. While Biles is serious in nature, Adria has always been the naughty one. Once when she was very young she stuck a bead up her nose and blamed it on Biles who was sleeping at that time. Her family took Adria out for ice cream and Biles only got the blame. Despite all the fun she has, Adria is focused on her career. People are hoping that soon Adria may represent America at the Olympics just like big sister. Adria hopes too. That would be the day.

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