Simone Biles on November 15, 2021 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

Lately, Simone Biles has been in the news for her amazing performances at the Rio Olympics 2016. She has garnered a lot of media attention over the past few weeks, but now it seems that she is in the limelight for her personal life, as well. If your mind is also surrounded with inquiries like, “ who is Simone Biles’ boyfriend,” “Simone Biles vault,” and “who is Simone Biles dating?” then we are here to answer all these questions for you.

For those who are wondering about Simone Biles’s age then you should know that the gymnastics champion is 19-years-old and has already taken the Rio Olympics by storm!

Lately,there are rumors are in the air about Simone Biles’ dating life. She recently uploaded a photo on her Instagram account with fellow gymnasts who are representing Brazil in the Rio Olympics 2016.

congrats, so proud of you ????????????????@arthurnory

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The caption of the image reads “Brazilian Boyfriend”, and it even had a heart next to it! So, naturally the rumor mill is abuzz with speculation as to who he is! If you too are wondering about Simone Biles’ boyfriend and want to know about the story, then we are here to unravel that mystery for you.

Much to our disappointment, Simone is not dating Arthur Mariano. In fact, the whole posting pictures on social media was a joke pulled by both of them! When asked about her dating life, Simone said, “We joke that we’re like international boyfriend and girlfriend because we see each other at these international meets, so I think that’s really cool. International friendships are the best, and I think it’s something you should cherish forever.”

Arthur further added, “We’re just friends, like when we see each other in competition and we text each other.” Whether they are dating or not, we thought we’d bring you the details you should know about Simone Biles’ supposed boyfriend, Arthur Mariano.

Facts About Arthur Mariano

Personal Information

He was born as Arthur Nory Oyakawa Mariano on September 18, 1993 in Campinas, São Paulo. His mother’s last name is Oyakawa and Mariano is his father’s last name. He is representing Brazil at the Rio Olympics 2016 and his head coach is Cristiano Albino. He is a Brazilian artistic gymnast and also a member of the national team.

Professional Life

Nunca desista dos seus sonhos! Aquele momento em que passa a historia da sua vida na cabeça… Depois de tantas coisas que passamos, tantas criticas… nunca podemos deixar nos abater e devemos acreditar sempre em nós. Evoluí como pessoa, amadureci, errei e me arrependi. E aprendi que devemos dar nosso maximo sempre, nao só como atleta, mas como uma pessoa boa também. Às vezes de cara, outras de costas, outras de cabeça e outras de um jeito que a gente nem sabe como caiu porque se perdeu no meio salto. Na Ginástica e na Vida: nossos tombos são assim. Só o respeito constrói. Fico pensando no homem que eu desejo ser. Mas não basta saber. A gente realmente tem q demonstrar. Obrigado a TODOS que me cercaram e que me amam e que sonharam junto comigo esse sonho. Esses que realmente conhecem minha essência. Hoje acordei Olimpíco e vou dormir MEDALHISTA! Os sonhos podem se tornar realidade, basta querer! De alguém que tá em construção. #NonoEmoção #NonoDeCoração #NonoOlimpico #NonoMedalhista #BronzeComGostoDeOuro ????????????????

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Apart from participating in the Rio Olympics 2016, he has taken part in several other competitions. He came fourth in the horizontal bars, while participating in the 2015 World Artistic Gymnastics Championships and also ranked 12th all around. At the 2016 Rio Olympics held in Rio de Janeiro, he won the bronze medal in floor exercise.

Professional Career

He started his athletic career in Judo (following in his father’s footsteps) however, he transitioned into gymnastics when he was 11-years-old. The reason behind entering this field was Daiane dos Santos. She was a Brazilian female gymnast who won a gold medal on floor at the 2003 World Championships and also competed at three Olympics. She was the inspiration behind Mariano’s switch!

Relationship With Simone

Although both Biles and Mariano have uploaded photos with each other on Instagram, both of them denied the fact that they are dating. In their respective interviews they claimed to just be friends with each other. They are constantly tweeting about each other and Mariano has even taught Biles a few words in Portuguese. Needless to say, both of them support each other and cheer each other on.

Fans are certainly disappointed that they are not seeing each other, but you never know when things might change! Maybe some day their friendship will develop into something more! After all, the best relationships are said to have started out as friends! What do you think about the whole scenario? Do you think Simone Biles is secretly dating Mariano? Let us know your opinion in the comments section below. And if you want to learn more about Simone Biles, then click here.