Simon Cowell recently took his young, pregnant sugar baby, Lauren Silverman, on a luxurious getaway to Barbados to ring in the New Year together, sort of like one big hurrah before their baby comes in February. But it turns out the vacation might not have been as romantic as their pictures made it look, particularly because they were “always with friends and family and were rarely on their own,” revealed an insider. “It was hardly ever just him and Lauren.”

Silverman’s family, including her parents, sister, and eight-year-old son, joined the celebrity couple on their trip, along with a bunch of Cowell’s friends. Because Cowell isn’t allowed to be near his sugar baby’s son, thanks to her strict custody agreement, the celebrity couple not only stayed in separate rooms, but in different buildings altogether. Cowell’s apartment was reportedly “party central,” while Silverman stayed in a high-end hotel with her family.

According to a source at the hotel, Cowell would send a cab to pick up Silverman and then drop her back to her family about an hour-and-a-half later. When Cowell wasn’t with his sugar baby, he was seen partying with his entourage of friends, which happened to include two of his ex-girlfriends, Sinitta and Terri Seymour.


Silverman’s family flew out on New Year’s Day, which allowed Cowell and Silverman to spend more time together, although it still wasn’t all about them. The celebrity couple spent the last 10 days of their trip on Cowell’s yacht, which was fully equipped with a chef, butler, and 14-man crew, but there was reportedly people constantly hopping on board to party with Cowell. So, while he was seen sipping on cocktails and surrounded by beautiful bikini-clad women, Silverman stayed below deck nursing bouts of queasiness.

What do you think: Is this a sign that Simon Cowell isn’t ready to settle down and be a devoted husband and father?


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