Simon Cowell is spending a lot of money to make sure his pregnant mistress, Lauren Silverman, is comfortable as she goes through her messy divorce. It’s the least he can do, considering he has a big part to play in the dissolution of her marriage to Andrew Silverman, who was once one of Cowell’s close friends. Cowell is planning to drop a whopping $20,000.00 a month to rent a luxurious three-bedroom apartment in New York City, where Lauren—who is about three months pregnant with Cowell’s baby—and her seven-year-old son can stay during the divorce proceedings.

According to insiders, Lauren and Cowell are officially dating now, and he’s doing everything he can to make sure the divorce is finalized as peacefully as possible. That’s why he even went so far as to meet with Andrew face-to-face for the first time since the news of their affair broke to try and clear the air.

One of the biggest points of contention in the Silvermans’ divorce proceedings will be the custody of their child. At this point, shared custody seems like the most likely outcome, but the ex-couple would have to stay relatively close in proximity. Here’s the problem: Andrew is based in New York and Cowell is in California. That means if Lauren wants to start a new life in California with Cowell and their baby, she won’t be able to take their son with her as that would violate their custody agreement. That means she essentially would have to decide between maintaining a close relationship with her son and Andrew, or leaving him behind and starting a new life with Cowell. One source has claimed that Lauren is actually considering the move to California because it would be easier to hide from public scrutiny.


What do you think: Should Lauren Silverman sacrifice her relationship with Simon Cowell for the sake of her child? Would it be smart or selfish if she moved to California with Cowell?


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