Simon Cowell, 53, is going to be a father. While baby news is usually supposed to be exciting, in Cowell’s case, it’s fraught with drama. The baby mama is 36-year-old New York socialite, Lauren Silverman. But it isn’t the 17-year age difference that’s posing a problem—Silverman happens to be the soon-to-be ex-wife of Cowell’s close personal friend, real estate magnate Andrew Silverman.

Insiders claim that the Silvermans’ marriage had been unhappy for a while and that Lauren got closer to Cowell after her relationship with her husband dissolved. But the divorce papers that Andrew filed a couple weeks ago sing a different tune—they cite “adultery” as the reason for their split. Andrew even specifically named Cowell as a co-respondent.

Neither Andrew nor Cowell has commented on the scandal, but Andrew’s brother is hinting that they did, in fact, have an affair. “It is an unbelievable story of betrayal. It is a sad story and a tragic story,” he told The New York Post. The divorce papers also point to an affair, especially because Cowell was directly named in them, which isn’t the usual course of action according to renowned divorce lawyer, Vanessa Lloyd Platt. “Andrew would have not only had to name him, but Simon would also have had to be served with the papers. It’s all going to be very muddy, muddled and an absolute nightmare for Simon.”


A nasty legal battle isn’t the only thing Cowell has to worry about. When asked last year how he feels about the possibility of having kids, the TV personality admitted that while he does like kids, he’s worried that he doesn’t have the time to raise them. “The problem has always been how much time you need to devote to bringing up kids and I’ve always dedicated all my life to work, and at 52, I’ve probably missed the opportunity.”

He’s going to have to find the time because at 53, baby number one is on the way. And according to sources, Cowell is planning to support Lauren and their baby, at least financially.

What do you think: Is 53 too old to become a father for the first time? Was it wrong on Simon Cowell’s part to sleep with his friend’s wife, even if they were having marital problems?


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