Simon Cowell has done a pretty good job of staying silent about his baby scandal—he got a younger woman, Lauren Silverman, pregnant while she was still married to his best friend. But now that Silverman’s divorce has been finalized, Cowell is opening up about settling down and becoming a father for the first time—and he seems to have no regrets about the affair. “I’m proud to be a dad,” he told BBC. “It’s something I hadn’t thought of before, but now I know I feel good about it.”

Cowell also said that his life was now changing, but “for the better,” and that his young baby mama is a “very special girl.” The two have yet to confirm whether or not they’re an official couple now, but according to one source, they’re going ahead with making their relationship official because Cowell is planning to formally introduce his pregnant mistress to his mother. “He wants her approval, and for Lauren and [his mother] to become close. It means everything to him that the two most important women in his life form a good bond,” the insider told Closer magazine. They also suggested that Cowell is considering marriage, since he obviously still has feelings for Silverman and because it’s what his mother would want.

Cowell has reportedly bought his mistress a mansion in Beverly Hills and is covering her rent for a New York apartment. He’s obviously doing everything he can now to take responsibility for Silverman and their illegitimate child.


What do you think: Should Simon Cowell marry Lauren Silverman for the sake of their child?


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