Christmas is usually a time to spend with your loved ones, but that’s not exactly the case for Simon Cowell and his pregnant new sugar baby, Lauren Silverman. The celebrity couple won’t be spending the holiday together. In fact, Cowell will be spending Christmas with the last person you’d expect, his ex-girlfriend, Sinitta, who recently revealed that she was once pregnant with his baby, but had an abortion because he didn’t want kids—she was reportedly devastated when she found out that he was now becoming a father.

Silverman, who’s seven months pregnant with Cowell’s illegitimate child, will be spending Christmas day with her seven-year-old son, but because her divorce settlement forbids Cowell to go anywhere near him, the music mogul will be spending the holiday aboard a luxury yacht in Barbados with Sinitta, her boyfriend, and her two young kids. “Simon would have loved Lauren to be with him, but he understands totally that her priority is, of course, to her son. He’ll miss her dearly,” said an insider. On a side note, Cowell and Silverman used to spend time on a yacht together, along with her husband at the time, and that’s said to be where their illicit affair started.

The source also revealed that Silverman is perfectly OK with her older man spending the holidays with his ex-girlfriend, and that she’s even given him “all her blessing,” despite the fact that Sinitta revealed the news of her abortion. “Simon and Lauren were both upset when Sinitta spoke about aborting his baby and it did rock the boat,” said the source. “But the trio have sorted out their differences and are looking forward to spending New Year together.”


What do you think: Would you be OK with your partner spending Christmas with their ex?


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