Sienna Miller, 32, allegedly cheated on her fiancé, Jude Law, with her much older co-star, 45-year-old Daniel Craig. Even after her relationship with Law fell apart, the actress never spoke publicly about the alleged affair—until now.

Law and Miller were both forced to testify in court against the now-defunct newspaper, News of the World, who are accused of phone hacking. A reporter admitted that he had hacked into Craig’s voicemail, uncovering a message from Miller in which she says she can’t talk because she’s with Law, but signs off by saying “I love you.” Law said in court that after hearing the news of their affair, he called Craig directly to discuss it, which ended in a heated exchange of words.

Miller was also asked to take the stand to discuss her alleged affair with Craig. Although she admitted to possibly leaving the message in question, she justified it by saying that it was misconstrued as being a “declaration of love.” Miller maintained that she and Craig were best friends and that she always ended her calls to him by saying she loved him. “It’s a declaration of friendship,” said Miller. “It’s how I end all my calls to friends.”


However, when asked if she was, in fact, in a relationship with Craig while she was still with Law, Miller said that it was “not a relationship,” but that it was a “very brief encounter.” It’s unclear if she meant that the “brief encounter” was the point at which their friendship turned into something more.

Interestingly, Miller may not have been the only woman that Craig was having an affair with. The reporter who intercepted Miller’s voicemail also found a message from Craig to model Kate Moss in which he said, “I love you, I love you, I love you.” Perhaps they were just close friends, too?

What do you think: Would you be OK with your older man telling his female friends that he loved them, or would it make you suspicious?


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