Boxer Danny Garcia has some competition from his own family when it comes to being famous! His baby sisters, Sianney and Angelise Garcia, aka the SiAngie Twins, are fast becoming famous as talented singers and rappers. Their recent appearance on MTV’s My Super Sweet 16 made other teens fawn over the elaborate party, complete with lots of music, dancing and a stellar performance.

The SiAngie Twins were in the house! The musical duo made up of twin sisters, Sianney and Angelise Garcia appeared on MTV’s My Super Sweet 16 on Monday, July 3, 2017. It was the first ever installment of the show, and was an evening full of music, dance, fashion, and fun. The SiAngie Twins were celebrating their 16th birthday and had tons of fun as they performed their hit songs and rocked the audience. Who are the SiAngie Twins? Keep reading for some details about them in our SiAngie Twins wiki.

Big Brother’s Watching Out

Sianney Garcia teamed up with her twin sister, Angelise Garcia to form the duo now known as the SiAngie Twins. Sianney and Angelise were born on April 25, 2001 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, making the SiAngie Twins’ age just 16. They built their fan base on YouTube through songs like “After School” and “Butterflies,” and released their first EP titled My All in 2014. Not many people know that the twins have a brother who is internationally famous. That’s right! Their older brother is none other than professional boxer and former two-weight world champion, Danny Garcia! In fact, he is the one who encouraged his baby sisters to follow their passion and start a career in music.

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Overachievers Since Childhood


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Growing up, Sianney loved doing gymnastics and hoped to compete in the junior nationals. She appeared in a commercial for tri-state clothing retailer, Forman Mills. With her attitude and swagger, Sianney soon found a hidden talent in rapping. Angelise started singing at the age of four and also loved gymnastics. She competed in gymnastics all through her childhood, just like her sister. In April 2013, Angelise sang the national anthem in front of 13,000 people in Brooklyn, New York. The twins are of Puerto Rican descent and their mother’s name is Maritza. The SiAngie Twins have over 2.5 million fans on their lip-sync app and over 138k subscribers on their YouTube channel. All of these achievements and they are just 16 years old! Wow! They even have a huge following on Instagram with over 1.3 million followers.

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Just 16 and Loving It

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There is no information on the SiAngie Twins’ net worth, but with the way their popularity is increasing, it doesn’t look like these two will have a problem in that department. After all, these two are just 16 years old and still under the care of their parents. In fact, they are home schooled and don’t even have their driver’s license yet! That’s why they couldn’t drive the lemon-yellow Lamborghini that they got during their joint party on MTV’s My Super Sweet 16. Fat Joe made a surprise entry at the event and performed in honor of the SiAngie Twins, which made the girls beam with joy. The SiAngie Twins’ father and mother were there to encourage and guide the girls, and the whole family had a blast. With loads of talent, the right attitude, and a supportive family, the SiAngie Twins have a great future ahead of them!