Although there are many fishes in the ocean, it is very difficult to find the right one and even if you do, there are others fighting for them too. Bachelor in Paradise show is all about finding your true love, however, sometimes it does not work for everybody. In this case, it definitely did not work out for Shushanna Mkrtychyan. If you have been searching the Internet for terms such as “Shushanna Bachelor in Paradise,” Shushanna Mkrtychyan Instagram” then you have come to the right place because we will provide you with all the information about Shushanna Mkrtychyan.

Bachelor in Paradise 2016 is full of twists and turns, it is hard for old contestants to find love in some exotic location, the task of finding true love for newcomers is more hard. Shushanna is the newest addition in the show, although, the timing was bad when she entered the show, as almost all the guys had paired up with girls. She went on a date with Wells Adams, and her only chance of staying in Bachelor in Paradise 2016 is if she gets a rose from Wells.

Things are not as easy as it seems because Shushanna is competing for Wells’ love with two other girls. The finale episode of Bachelor in Paradise 2016 shows that Shushanna was crying, so we are not really sure if Wells gives her the rose. To find out, we need to wait to watch the show. Meanwhile, let us learn some detail about the new entrant Shushanna in Bachelor in Paradise.

Facts About Shushanna Mkrtychyan From Bachelor in Paradise

Personal Life

When Sunday is really a Funday????

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Shushanna was born on April 9, 1988 and is a 28-year-old mathematician hailing from Salt Lake City, UT. Although she grew up in Russia, she calls herself an Albanian. Like other bachelor stars, even Shushanna has worked in a real estate agency. She worked for Pentalon Corporation for almost three years. She graduated from Salt Lake Community College and has a degree in mathematics.

Shushanna’s Hobbies

It’s only Wednesday and I am already thinking about the weekend! #takemebacktothisday #thebachelorgirls #pooltime #muchneeded

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She loves listening to music and her type of music is electronic dance, Russian music, and deep house. Besides, music if you follow Shushanna Mkrtychyan’s Instagram profile then you will see that she is fond of doing other activities such as paddleboarding, bike rides, cookouts, pool parties, hiking, staying fit and indulging in outdoor activities like rock climbing. Her idea of a perfect guy is spontaneous, energetic, adventurous, smart, intelligent, funny, supportive, easy going and strong.

The Bachelor

Remember @laurenhimle if we get caught, you are deaf and I don’t speak English. ????The best friend partner on #bachelorinparadise crime ????

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Shushanna is also a former contestant of last season of The Bachelor, in which Ben Higgins was the bachelor. If you follow the show, then you must be aware that Shushanna made quite an impression on Ben after introducing herself in a different language. Initially, Ben found it funny, but left the conversation abruptly.

Bachelor in Paradise

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Shushanna is the new contestant on the show and all the girls are already jealous of her striking beauty. She entered the show last week and it seems that she has already made a connection with Wells Adam, but wait there is a certain twist to the story. Tuesday (September, 6) will air the last and finale episode of Bachelor in Paradise. Last week viewers were left confused when the show got over before the rose ceremony.

Upon watching the trailer of the show, it seemed like Shushanna was in tears. Sources say that Shushanna left the show right before the rose ceremony. Her reason for leaving the show was perhaps, this, from what we understood from the trailer. Wells was flirting with Ashley and Shushanna was left enraged, that’s when she was heard saying that she does not fight for guys. After all, the connection was not that strong with Wells.

To find out what really happens in the season finale of Bachelor in Paradise 2016, we need to wait for the show. If you want to know more information about Shushanna or other Bachelor in Paradise contestants, click here.