Should Women Be Shelling Out More Money on Dates? The Numbers Tell All
Advertisement recently did a dating poll asking readers what they think is the best way to handle a dinner check on the first date—should he pay, should she pay, or should the bill be split evenly? Interestingly, the majority of voters, nearly 79%, said that she should pay for the first date, and only about 16% believed that the man should pick up the tab on a first date. It makes sense—even sugar babies today are independent women for the most part and if they pay for the first date, they know that they’re not obligated to take the relationship any further.

It turns out that a lot of men agree that women need to start investing more money in the dating game. A recent survey asked over 17,000 Americans about who forks out the money when dating. Although 84% of men said they usually cover most of the dating expenses, almost two-thirds of them admitted that they think women should be paying more often—44% of the men even said that they would consider ending the relationship if the woman they were dating never paid for anything.

Sugar daddy relationships are always a little different than traditional relationships, since money plays a much larger role. We get that the whole point of having a sugar daddy is so that he can spend his money on you, but that doesn’t mean you want him to feel like you’re just using him for his deep pockets. Even if he’s traditional—in the sense that he won’t let you pick up a dinner check—surprise him with a little something every now and then, like bringing home his favorite dessert or buying him a shirt that you thought would look good on him. The idea is to show your sugar daddy that you’re willing to spend money on him, even though he’s the one that usually spoils you. Even if he’s got millions in the bank, it’s always nice to feel appreciated.

What do you think: Should women be spending more money on dates?


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