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Shiba Russell became a big part of the Atlanta community since she began her career at WXIA. But now, the anchor is bidding farewell to the NBC affiliate and the city. Shiba Russell announced she is leaving 11Alive in June 2022. Her viewers naturally had questions. They want to know why she is leaving, where she’s going next, and will they see her on their screens again. Fortunately for her followers, Shiba Russell answered most of their queries.

Shiba Russell Bids Adieu to 11Alive

Shiba Russell received a BA in Communications from the College of New Rochelle and her MS from Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism. She relocated to Atlanta in 2016 after a high-profile career in New York.

The 10-time Emmy Award winner has been on the scene of significant events, including 9/11, Sandy Hook, Hurricane Sandy, the I-85 bridge collapse in Atlanta, and more. As soon as she arrived at WXIA, she turned the spotlight on local community changemakers with the launch of the 11Alive special, Elevating Atlanta.

Not only is she an outstanding journalist and an inspiration, but she is also a major presence in the city. So when she announced she is leaving 11Alive, viewers were saddened.

Russell’s last day on-air at 11Alive was June 22. Not only is she leaving the station, but also the city.

Her colleagues and viewers don’t want to let Shiba Russell go, but they understand her reason. Russell is moving back to the northeast to stay closer to her family.

Her daughter starts school at Drexel University in Philadelphia this fall. Russell hasn’t revealed if she is heading to Philadelphia or any other city. However, she did say that she is moving on to a “wonderful career opportunity.”

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Russell will reveal where she is going and what the new job is at a later date. So, keep your eyes peeled on her official social media for updates on the veteran journalist’s next career move.