Anybody would find it hard to hear that someone in their immediate family was battling a debilitating illness, and celebrities are no different. Criminal Minds star Shemar Moore, 45, recently spoke to People magazine about what it was like learning for the first time that his mother had multiple sclerosis (MS).

Understandably, Moore’s initial reaction was simply denying that something was seriously wrong. “I went through the whole denial thing for a couple of years,” admitted Moore, adding that he whenever she complained about something not feeling right, he’d tell her to just take some aspirin and get some sleep, or get a massage to help her slow down.

It wasn’t until her MS symptoms worsened that Moore, an only child, had to put his own fears aside and step up to help her. The first step was to move her from her home in San Francisco to his hometown in L.A. so that he could have her close by. Then, by educating himself about her treatment and what the condition is all about, Moore was able to help make sure that the MS didn’t take over her life entirely.


Although some days are better than others, Moore takes joy in the fact his mother is able to live a comfortable life, complete with dancing in the kitchen, going to the beach, or spending an afternoon at the ballgame with friends.

Shemar Moore has also used his mom’s illness together with his fame to help raise awareness about multiple sclerosis, and even raises big money through his clothing line (called Baby Girl) and his annual 100-mile charity bike ride. “I’m gonna ride that bike every year, as long as my body will allow it, and it will because I’m healthy, I don’t have MS, and I’m gonna continue to hug my mother,” said Moore, adding that as long as his “Super Woman” is out there fighting, he will be too.

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