Sommer Ray Posing Joyfully with Her Mother Shannon Ray Credits: Instagram/shannon_rayyy

Sommer Ray, the Instagram fitness model and motivator, just posted a picture of herself and her 53-year-old mom, Shannon Ray, on the photo-sharing app—and it broke the Internet! The duo has managed to stun everyone who follows them, and it looks like they’re not done taking those hot #belfies just yet!

Did you know that Shannon Ray was a bodybuilder when she was young? She is also a fitness model, which is where her daughter, Sommer Ray, gets her flair from!

The duo love working out together, and their latest Instagram image says it all! The mother and daughter team are seen wearing matching suits, with loving comments attached to the photos. Talk about family fitness goals!


While Sommer Ray went all out and told her fans how she puts her mother first, Shannon Ray said that it’s the best when you have a workout partner who could motivate. And who better than Mommy dearest?!

Sommer and Shannon Ray have been rocking the social media app for some time now. And with more than 18 million followers, it looks like this hot mother-daughter duo is taking the competition for a ride!


Watch out Michelle Lewin, because hotness runs in the Ray family!


Sommer Ray And Shannon Ray Posing Together in a Costume

Sommer Ray And Shannon Ray Posing Together in a Costume Credits: Instagram/sommerray

Some of Sommer Ray’s Hottest Pics on Instagram

With a great body comes great responsibility, and Sommer Ray has been handling it well! The 21-year-old fitness model has been posting her workout videos and inspiring many who follow her.

Ray is also known for her sizzling hot booty photos and videos! It was reported that she was paid a staggering $26,275 per post on Instagram.


Electric feel✨? ?:@ryanastamendiphotography

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Sommer Ray’s father is also a competitive bodybuilder, which means she is naturally gifted! That said, she puts in a lot of hard work on her body to keep it fit and has no problem showing it off. As she puts it, go ahead and “look at my body—i work hard for it!”

Fans of this young babe are always asking her about the burn-like mark on her left hand, but it’s not all that dramatic after all! It’s just a birthmark, and she seems to love the uniqueness it brings to her image. (Not that anyone’s really looking at her hand, let’s be honest!)

Sommer Ray Relaxing on Her Mother's Shoulder

Sommer Ray Relaxing on Her Mother’s Shoulder Credits: Instagram/shannon_rayyy

Sommer Ray Posing With Hands on Her Breasts

Sommer Ray Posing With Hands on Her Breasts Credits: Instagram/sommerray

Sommer Ray belongs to the Clout Gang, which includes RiceGum, Alissa Violet, FaZe Banks, WolfieRaps, and Carrington Durham, who are all social media stars in their own right.

The group was formed as a clapback to Jake Paul’s Team 10, but there was never any official account created for the group.

She continues to model and has also bagged some great endorsement deals (along with her own brand) to promote!

Sommer Ray’s Shop is an online store where you can go to buy stuff that the Instagram sensation likes to flaunt on her social media page!

Sommer Ray’s Mom Rocking It at 53!

Shannon Ray has been a huge support to her children Savana, Skylyn, Sommer, and Bronson Ray. The big happy family believes in fitness and they each have their own social media accounts and followers who love them.

Well, it appears that the Rays are shaping up to be the Kardashians of Instagram! (Only more fit and with far less makeup!)

☀️?☀️loving life☀️?☀️

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Shannon Ray is mostly known as Sommer Ray’s mother. However, she doesn’t stay on the sidelines, quietly watching.

This bodybuilding babe has also had a great run in the past as a fitness model and an activist. She has also been a poster girl as a biker chick before her current Instagram fame, but Shannon has always promoted fitness no matter what.

She generally uses the hashtags, #eatclean and #stayfit, and loves to show off her own workout regime. And we love to watch! Can you believe she is 53?!

Shannon Ray Working Out

Shannon Ray Working Out Credits: Instagram/shannon_rayyy

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