Who is Shannon Ihrke? She’s known as the “world’s hottest marine” and now people are looking for “Shannon Ihrke’s hot pics.” We can’t say we blame them! As far as career changes go, jumping from marine to model isn’t the most popular. Have a look at our Shannon Ihrke wiki and find out why she made the switch.

Who is Shannon Ihrke?

Shannon Ihrke’s age is 29 and she was raised in Minnesota. She joined the Marines when she was just 19 years old and served on active duty for four years. And though she made a career change, she still owes the Marines everything.

“I owe the Marine Corps my life, hands down. It gave me a reason to wake up, push myself, set goals, and to push myself even harder when things got tough. Had I not had other dreams I still wanted to accomplish in my life I would have re-enlisted without hesitation … and although I am no longer on active duty, I will always bleed green,” she said.

Shannon Ihrke’s Instagram

While some choose to be career military, others often pursue a different line of work, like Ihrke. She isn’t the only ex-soldier to enter a more glamorous civilian lifestyle. Star Wars: The Last Jedi actor Adam Driver was in the army as was Fox News journalist Lea Gabrielle, who used to be a fighter pilot.

Ihrke has over 75k followers on Instagram and is represented by 1776 United. In an interview with Fox News, the ex-marine explained why she wanted to enter the world of modeling.

“I model because it’s something I love to do, it’s not to get money or marriage proposals from men,” she said. “I simply enjoy exploring my modeling range and working with some incredibly talented artists and trying to help others along the way.

“I want to show girls that they can do and be whoever they want to be if they work at it hard enough,” added Shannon. “I’m the most happy when I get messages from people saying that I’ve inspired them in some way.”

Her latest photo was posted hours ago, where she talked about a photo shoot wearing a beige romper.

“New Photo Shoot! I can’t say enough great things about this clothing line AND this photographer! I’ve always been a huge fan of @shopakira so to shoot for them again is such a pleasure!! And @danroerick has an amazing eye and was one of the 1st photographers I ever shot with. It’s pretty cool to see the growth we’ve both made since then!”

Ihrke said she has ignored the attention of her new found fame but enjoys that modeling gives her the chance to explore a different side of herself.

“I love getting my hair and makeup done. What girl doesn’t want to be pampered once in a while?” She’s not wrong!

“Doing shoots like these give me an opportunity to let another side of me come out,” she added.

For a deeper look into how unbelievably gorgeous this army brat really is, check out this behind-the-scenes boudoir shoot Ihrke did with WASIO Photography. Warning: The video will cause you temperature to start soaring, so you might want to prepare the cold shower in advance!