Television star Shannen Doherty has revealed her ongoing battle with cancer. The 44-year-old star was diagnosed with invasive breast cancer back in March of this year and has disclosed her plans to undergo a mastectomy.

Doherty is allegedly suing her old management and accounting firm (Tanner, Mainstain, Glynn & Johnson) for failing to pay the Screen Actors Guild for covering her medical insurance premiums without informing her. TMZ has obtained court documents in which the actress is blaming the firm for neglecting an invoice to pay her insurance premium at the beginning of 2014.

Doherty re-enrolled in the chemotherapy program this year, just before her doctors discovered her condition of “invasive breast cancer metastatic to at least one lymph node.”


The former Beverly Hills, 90210 star’s medical team believes the cancer would likely have been much easier to treat last year, before it spread, had it been detected. But given her lack of insurance, she failed to get a sufficient checkup at the time, which would have caught the cancer sooner. Thus, Doherty is now seeking both compensatory and restitution damages, while the accused plan to “aggressively defend” themselves in court.

The firm responded to the allegations by wishing her a full recovery, but at the same time calling her claims “patently false.”

Despite her legal and health issues, Shannen Doherty is doing what she can to keep her spirits up. In a statement to People confirming her diagnosis, the actress said that in addition to getting treatment, she’s also focusing on eating right, exercising, and staying very positive. She also thanked her family, friends, fans, and doctors for supporting her.


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