Shades of Blue, the NBC cop drama starring Jennifer Lopez and Ray Liotta, is heading into an important episode. Will Shades of Blue episode 3 make the difference the series needs to stay alive? And speaking of staying alive, will the show feature a big shakeup with a character death so early in? 

If you missed episode 2 (and a lot of you probably did—more on that later), here’s the scoop. Corrupt detective Harlee Santos (Jennifer Lopez), now an FBI snitch, realized her boss, Matt Wozniak (Ray Liotta), was cluing in to there being a snitch in his unit and threw away the mic-equipped necklace she was wearing out of fear of getting caught. Viewers were also shown just how deep this fear runs, as failure to do as the FBI says means jail time and being separated from her daughter.

In the preview for Shades of Blue episode 3, we learn that dumping the recording device wasn’t enough to cause Wozniak to lose complete suspicion about Santos being the mole. And this time, Santos is wearing a regular wire, and since it’s not disguised like the necklace was, that means it could be easier for her to be caught! In addition, team member Michael Loman (Dayo Okeniyi) faces repercussions for allegedly shooting a minor in episode 1.


Unfortunately, this episode may be make-or-break for Shades of Blue, as cancellation rumors have begun to surface following the second episode’s poor ratings, which were likely the result of airing alongside the GOP debate. However, these rumors are likely just that, rumors, because the same episode saw strong delayed viewing ratings, not to mention that we don’t know the full numbers for those who chose to watch online. As such, expectations are high for Shades of Blue episode 3, which will air uncontested by any special events. The episode airs tonight (January 21) at 10:00 p.m. EST on NBC.

Photo: Facebook/NBCShadesofBlue

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